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10 Tips That Will Make Your T-Shirts Last Longer
December 4, 2019

10 Tips That Will Make Your T-Shirts Last Longer

In the past, we’ve all  had t-shirts that we adored. We swore to stick by them, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health etc.etc.  Unfortunately, those t-shirts don’t last long and the love story comes to an end.  You probably would’ve loved to put them on one last time, but your loving com padres will disown you or make fun of you for a long long time.
For instance if you live in Tampa and purchase stuff from even the top Wholesalers of t-shirts in Tampa. After constant use no matter how good the t-shirts are they will eventually suffer from fading, fabric puckering, shrinkage, loosening of stitching, and etc. Here are some useful tips that you can follow to make your t-shirts last longer.
  • Even though hand-washing your t-shirt with cold water is the best washing method, it is time-consuming and time is people normally don’t have the luxury of . Hand-washing is also ineffective if you’ve got stains on your shirt. So let’s just go for machine-washing. When machine-washing, go for the most delicate settings on your washer because that will make sure that your tee is washed with an appropriate temperature which will prevent shrinkage and fading of the color.
  • Always wash your t-shirts inside out. What this does is that it makes the wear and tear occur on the inside of your shirt rather than the outside. This keeps the exterior of the shirt looking fresh for longer.
  • Always wash the t-shirts with the same colors and the same types of fabrics together. This ensures that your t-shirt does not catch onto any other color and does not get worn out by the friction caused by different materials.
  • Always take out time read the care label on the inside of the t-shirt. It is put in there for a purpose. Follow the instructions as those instructions do in fact keep the t-shirts last longer.
  • Ditch the use of bleach or detergents that contain bleach. Bleach can damage fibers which later on results in the fabric to break or fall apart.
  • After washing, if using a dryer go for the low temperatures. Dryers may seem amazing inventions that get the job done quickly without harming your clothes. But in reality dryers can harm the fabric and make your t-shirts shrink if used on high temperatures. So always watch out for that.
  • If you hang-dry your clothes, dry them inside out. Hang-drying saves the t-shirts from the wear and tear they have to bear in a dryer. They also ensure that your tees do not face shrinkage and keeps your tees looking fresh.
  • If you hang your tees to dry outside, Avoid putting your clothes under direct sunlight as sunlight can cause the color of your t-shirt to fade.
  • Ironing your t-shirts is not advised, at least I don’t. But if you do iron, iron your t-shirts inside out, on a low setting . This reduces the risk of shrinkage and color fading.
  • If you don’t wear your t-shirts often, instead of hanging them up on a hanger go for folding your tees and storing them in a cabinet or container. What this will do is save your t-shirts from getting out of shape or getting any shoulder bumps.
No matter how well you treat your t-shirts, no matter how good a wholesaler of t-shirt in Tampa you purchase your shirts from (If you live in Tampa like me), one day or the other they will fade and wear off. Until that day comes, take care of them, keep them looking fresh and enjoy them.

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