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11 Factors That You Are Neglecting But Are Affecting Human Eyes
August 27, 2019

11 Factors That You Are Neglecting But Are Affecting Human Eyes

Eyes performing an important part of human life. If you want to enjoy and see the beauty of nature then you should have your eyes. So, Care your eyes from the different type of issues with protected layers.  Protected Layers like your sunglasses, Eyeglasses, Contact lenses and many more, to buy these products lenskart is the best store because it will give you the best deals and if you are new user then it also gives you Lenskart First Frame Free.

Now Let’s Discuss Different Factors That We Neglecting  But Harm Our Eyes:

  1. Rubbing Your Eyes:

Rubbing our eyes is seemed natural. Everyone rub their eyes at least one or two times in a day. Rubbing for some time is ok but when you continuously do this it effect on your eyes badly. By rubbing eyes, your cornea gets weakened.

  1. Not Getting Enough Sleep:

Sometimes we avoid sleeping at night due to some reasons but it makes a damnable effect on your body and on eyes too. Due to lack of sleep retention of blood fluid around the eye increase, this is reason dark circles under the eyes increase.

  1. Not Eating Well Balance Diet:

We do not care about what we eat. Nowadays we all love to eat junk food but we don’t see that it beadle effect on our health. So, we have to choose a good source of a healthy diet from where we can gain Proteins.

  1. Watching TV in The Dark:

Watching TV is harmful to eyes but when we are watching TV in the dark it effects on eyes by its different shades of colors. By the effects of this color, your eyes can’t work properly from these results in eyes stain.

  1. No Use Drop Too Much:

When eyes effected or pain we are going to add drops in eyes its better solution for these problems. However, when we are regularly using eye drops its cause our eyes by some symptoms like your eyes starting more pain, start swelling out and in your eyes and many other vision problems may occur.

  1. Not Drinking Enough Water:

Drinking less water cause Dehydration, by this you feeling tired. Your eyes will become dry, start irritation in eyes if you are not drinking properly. You can’t concentrate on think for a long time. So, start drinking more water to make your eyes healthy.

  1. Reading In The Dark:

Reading in the dark if very is not effect on your eyes for some time but if you are continuously reading in dark then it effects on your eyesight.  It will also decrease the ability of reading that means you can’t read fluently as you read before. For this reason, stop reading in the dark.

  1. Effect of Smoking:

Smoking is a major cause of heart and lungs disease. But it also affects your eye, smoking can cause chronic redness by this your eyes became red and these types of eyes called Bloodshot eyes. Your eyes start burning, Tearing, and Itching due to smoking. Stop smoking if you want to care your eyes.

  1. Use Bad Eye Makeup:

we are don’t care about our eye and start doing cheap makeup but these cheap makeup effects on our eyes causes a bacterial infection that is very common due to using over makeup.

  1. Screen Eyes:

We all are suffering from screen eyes without knowing its meaning. Screen eyes are the result of all the screen time that we watched. Tablets, laptops, TV’s, monitors, phones, etc. all are the reasons of screen eye with these our eyes feeling irritation and dryness. If you want to come out from this problem reduce the time of watching screen.

  1. Wearing Contact Lenses All The Time:

In Today’s era, no one likes to wear eyeglasses so they chose contact lenses. As per the doctor perception, the contact lens is better than eyeglasses but they also have some precautions, lenses blocked the oxygen supply to the eye so, avoid wearing lenses when there is no work to do so that your eyes properly take oxygen.

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