Every event, meeting, conference, wedding, or party whatsoever needs to be well graced with a tone of artistic styling. Events can be artistically styled in either a simple way or in a luxurious way. However, whichever way you feel best to style your event, outdoors or indoors, always ensure that the combination of colours is symmetrical and well aligned.

The fact that everyone with certain events before them all wishes to decorate their location with the very best piece of art has made the simple way of artistic styling the most populously used as it is very affordable to everyone. This way simple yet elegant decoration method can take on different forms starting from the choice of chairs to the flowers and even the tables.

This article is not aimed at covering every aspect of the simple way of styling and event location but aimed at discussing how the use of the right table alone can help create a feeling of excitation and perfect conservation. Glass tables are known to be the combination of glass tabletops with stands made of glass or more often, other materials.

This post discusses in a succinct manner, 12 glass tables that can be used independently to transform the lingering poor feeling in an event.

Glass Tables; Much More Than Thought

Increasingly, glass is becoming the one-stop point for many artistic solutions. Its popularity does not come into play due to its transparent nature but as a result of its exquisite appearance. After some well-tuned mechanical alterations, glass tables are formed. The shape of the resulting combination is what defines how elegant and well-functioning the table will be. When glass tables are set at specific points in a location, they help adjust the light concentration of the environment, when tinted with colours; the glass creates the beautifully combined illusion of colour contained in light. The versatility of glass makes it suitable for use with any other material and when perfectly combined, creates the illusion of space. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also resistant to certain attacks which make them the best to be used on every occasion. However, to make the event great it is best to choose the right types of glass tables. Summarized below are 12 glass coffee tables made by Fab Glass which can be used in outdoors or indoors events.

Stylish Oval Glass Coffee Table

When looking to surprise your guests with something different and perfect, it is best to try out this glass coffee table. One unique part of the tables is its off-centre base. The shape of the tabletop which is reflected in the cutout in the base will have all eyes staring in awe.

Rectangular Glass Coffee Table

Among many good table ideas for functions, the best is this rectangular glass table. It boasts mainly of nothing more than its versatility. Its contemporary design makes it’s a great choice for any home or event. It can be made either of plain glass or of coloured glass and an MDF base.

Curved Glass Table

This curved glass table design is a very great table for conferences and indoor parties. Its simplicity makes it so convenient to place it at any corner of the event location. The thickness of the glass makes it strong enough to be used independently for various purposes. It is frameless yet, strikes a perfect balance in every angle.

Noguchi Style Coffee Table

This table style combines art and function in a modern way which makes it suitable for use in outdoor events. The highly tempered glass top takes on a curved edge triangular shape and it is mounted on a unique base available in different colours. It is sturdy, light, decorative, and well-balanced.

Venice X Style Glass Coffee Table

Unmatched in quality is the Venice X style one of the best tables for events. This table is a simple design made of rectangular glass table top mounted on a coloured X-shaped stand. The unique quality of the table is that the X-shape stand complements the design of many interiors and furniture.

Alpha Style Glass Table

Just like the Venice X style glass coffee table, the alpha glass coffee table also comes with a unique Greek letter shaped base that distinguishes it from every other table. The various colours of the glass tabletop allow it to be suitable for use in every location.

Black Round Glass Side Table

Thinking of another great table ideas for functions, then you certainly should try out the black round glass tables. Its black round base allows it to strike the perfect balance when placed in any location. The glass table is best for use in outdoor parties as it can help adjust light intensity.

Mermaid Glass Coffee Table

The mermaid glass coffee table is made from the combination of a round shaped glass table top with a mermaid shaped base. The obviously elegant curves of the modern mermaid glass coffee table offer the most futuristic design ideas for many occasions. The base of the table allows for perfect adaptation with every environment.

Infinity Premier Coffee Table

This simply nests coffee table design is the next to perfection. It combines a slightly tempered glass table top with a coloured round and curved solid base. The glass table top can either be rectangular or square in shape. It is great for indoor family events and can also be used in modern offices.

Contemporary Glass Table

This Fab Glass table design is perfect for outdoor garden events. The plain glass used above and below reflects the colours of the flowers in a radiant manner. The tinted glass base completely neutralizes the glare effect created by the incident beam of light.

Elite Glass Coffee Table

Another great choice among other tables for events is the elite glass coffee table. As implied by the name, the table stands out superior in quality and unique in design. The curved base of the table makes is look portable and fragile.

Bent Glass Nested Tables

Just like the curved glass table, the bent glass tables is also a frameless glass table curved at two edges but with two other curved tables nested underneath it. Just like the curved table, it is thick and great for office events use.

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