12 tips to make hair beautiful

12 tips to make hair beautiful

If you dream of a perfect hairstyle and perfect hair, forget about expensive salon treatments for hair in salons. They would rather empty your wallet than cure your hair. Instead, add 12 good habits to your daily hair care, which will actually help improve their appearance and health. I collected advice from the best stylists and hairdressers on how to care for hair at home. All this is easy to do from the comfort of your own home.

Avoid high temperatures.

Of course, sometimes using a hair dryer or ironing is inevitable, but try to minimize the use of a hairdryer, ironing or curling. Which will ensure the smoothness of the hair for six months?

If you want curls, try the good old hair curlers and let your hair dry naturally. By letting your hair rest one or two days a week, you will get healthier and more vibrant hair in the future.

If you absolutely need to use a hairdryer and a curler, do not forget about thermal protection for the hair, as well as the choice of devices for styling with the latest technologies (ionization, ceramic or Teflon coating).

Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase

The smooth texture of the silk covers the cuticles of the hair, and you get up in the morning with smooth, even hair (a cotton pillowcase works the other way around). The satin fabric prevents hair from crushing and creasing, and you can get rid of morning confusion and dryness.

Take Care Of Clean Hair

Perhaps you have heard of a new trend, which is to not use shampoo when washing hair to preserve their natural structure and health. Despite this, most stylists recommend using shampoos in hair care. If you use quality products, washing your hair with shampoo will bring only benefits. Surprisingly, but a good shampoo is able to prevent the cross-section of the ends of the hair, provides the necessary level of moisture and gives the hair shine and lightness.

Not sure how often you should wash your hair? Take this principle as a basis: if you live in a large, industrial city or work on the street – wash your hair every day. If you live in a small town, away from industrial facilities, washing every 2-3 days will be enough. But, if the hair is dry at the tips and oily at the roots, you will have to do it every day.

Use Air Conditioning

The scalp needs to be moisturized just like the face, especially if you are currently letting go of your hair. The general rule – be sure to apply a conditioner that suits your hair type every time you wash your hair.

Be A Supporter Of One Brand Of Cosmetics

There is an erroneous opinion that hair is able to get used to the ingredients of cosmetic products and for them a periodic change of care is useful.

Experts strongly disprove this myth. Instead, it is much more correct to find the perfect product for your hair and be faithful to it all the time. Changing hair care in search of your product is normal, but once you find your best, you should only buy it.

If you are trying to properly care for your hair, using only makeup cosmetics and external methods of exposure, you should know that you are doing only half of the work. To achieve success, it is important not only to look outside but also from the inside.  Try these latest hairstyles for girls to flaunt every day.

What we eat plays a huge role in the speed of hair growth and its quality. A diet rich in iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids and protein helps to stimulate hair follicles and accelerate hair growth.

Nutritionists recommend eating lean red meat, chicken and fish several times a week to maintain the health of your hair.

Fill Hair With Vitamins

Even if your nutrition is impeccable, it is possible that you lack the key vitamins that strengthen the hair. Not sure if your hair needs vitamins?

If there are burrs near your nails, or the skin near them is dry and scaly, then consider it a cry of SOS from your body. Do not worry, it is easy to fix: if you start taking vitamin complexes, minerals and amino acids, you can get healthy and strong hair as a result of several months of intake. Bonus, this will benefit not only the hair but also the skin and nails.

Limit Sun Exposure To Hair

You know, what damage to your skin can bring in the sun during the day without sunscreen? Did you know that hair suffers as much, if not more? Care for your hair in the sun is also necessary, as well as for the body.

To prevent hair damage from the sun, it is advisable to use a hair conditioner and moisturizer that does not require rinsing every day.

And if you go to the beach, use special sprays for hair in SPF, such can be found in cosmetics stores.

Brush Correctly

Before you comb your hair, be sure to know what you are doing. Take a comb with sparse teeth for particularly tangled hair and always brush them up to avoid tangling

Trim Tips Regularly, Even If You Let Go Of Hair

In an effort to grow long hair, we sometimes miss a couple of visits to the hairdresser, but this gives the opposite effect. Experts agree that hair should be cut every 6-8 weeks. This prevents delamination and cross-section of hair.

Wash your head with cool water.

Do not use too hot water to wash your hair. Excessive heat can reduce hair volume. Choose warm water when soaping your hair. This allows you to get the required amount of foam to clean the hair. Wash off shampoo with warm water.

And when it comes to an air conditioner or hair mask, turn on cool water to wash your hair. Cold water seals nutrients in the hair and gives them a beautiful healthy glow.

Do not overdo the number of cosmetic products.

If you cover your entire head with shampoo or conditioner, this is wrong. Care for your hair properly. Use shampoo only on the hair roots, where they are the oiliest and have accumulated the most styling products. On the other hand, the conditioner, on the contrary, should be applied from the middle of the length of the hair down to the tips, which are most prone to dehydration and section.

Use tips on how to care for your hair at home and your hair will be healthy and beautiful without salon procedures and with a minimum of cash investments.

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