Arabic Mehndi Designs
October 10, 2019

14 Latest Mehndi Designs

Arabic mehndi designs have an unmatched, soothing appearance due to their free-flowing trails. They are undoubtedly one of the most loved and sought after bridal mehndi designs for women of all ages.

14 Latest Mehndi Designs

Be it a wedding or any festival, Arabic mehndi designs have gained major popularity. Originally coming from Arabian countries, Arabic mehndi designs are apt for every occasion. Arabic mehndi designs are predominated with floral artwork, paisleys, and free-flowing diagonal trails. The designs also include leafy motifs, architectural patterns and checked arrangements.

Arabic mehndi is applied with bolder strokes and thus looks more prominent in comparison to other mehndi designs. Also, empty spaces in this style play a significant role, making it look classier and edgier.

Free floral patterns entangled with leafy patterns lends a sense of life to the designs. Here are some of the simple and elaborate mehndi designs to choose from.

  1. Paisleys Patterns

This Arabic mehndi design is a stunning paisley pattern. The center portion of the backhand is adorned with an intriguing design, while the fingers are accentuated with statement Arabic style strokes.

  1. Elegant lotus motif

This is probably the simplest of all mehndi designs, one of the fingers is decorated with henna and the rest of the palm is adorned with henna art that leads to a band on the wrist. Added charm to this mehndi design is the bold boundaries amidst the symmetrical lines.

  1. Intricate trail pattern

Trailed diagonal patterns are an unmissable part of  Arabic mehndi designs. Popularly known as ‘bel’ they are simple designs with floral motifs with dotted details.

  1. Double magic

The Arabic mehndi design doubles its charm when it comprises of two different trails with the same finesse.

  1. Floral trails on the backhand

Want anything pretty, charming yet modern and classy? This is the mehndi design that is ‘the’ choice for you. Have a look at this beautiful Arabic daisy trail on the backhand.

  1. Elegance redefined

This widespread and minimal mehndi design is elegance in other words. The ring pattern on the fingers with leaf-dropping henna art is worth dying for.

  1. Leafy trails and intricate patterns

All the fingers are decorated with different patterns that look chic and edgy at the same time. The pattern on the middle finger is a bit different from a leafy trail and a floral motif in between. The floral motif’s boundaries are to be noted, they are highlighted with bolder strokes.

  1. Gorgeous yet simple

Arabic mehndi designs look equally beautiful on the palm. Here is a design with a combination of symmetric checks with some significant Arabic patterns along with v-shaped designs on the wrist.

  1. Modish trail

This well-detailed Arabic trail on the front hand with a checkered prominence looks great, doesn’t it?

  1. Well-detailed checkered pattern with floral highlights

This is a mehndi design that is pominently dominated with symmetric lattice designs, inspired by architectural accentuations. Floral trails are paired with geometric checks.

  1. Peacock motifs

Mini peacock motifs are a core part of Arabic mehndi designs. This particular design has a full fledged peacock drawn on the backhand. It looks stunning, yet it is not very difficult to draw.

  1. Distant designs

Go for an unusual mehndi design which is neither a tail nor paisley. It has beautiful Arabian tattoos drawn on noticeable distance making it look like a maze.

  1. Repetitive strokes

This Arabian mehndi design is an undeniable one. It is though not very difficult to draw. These designs have a lot of empty spaces and repetitive strokes beautified on the outlines.

  1. Simply pretty

This unique pattern on the fingertips is one to drool over. Made with simple strokes this mehndi design is a beautiful Arabic trail.

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