6 Simple Facts about Vape Packaging
October 27, 2019

6 Simple Facts about Vape Packaging

A vape or an electronic cigarette is a battery-powered device vaporizer, which is handheld, and it stimulates the smoking. Moreover, it provides the behavioural aspects of natural smoking like the action of hand to mouth. The only difference in it is that it does not include the use of tobacco. Vaping is a term that is given to the use of e-cigarette and the person who uses this device is known as a smoker.

The disadvantages of smoking and the consumption of tobacco increase the risks of health. The term “smoking kills” is not just used to scare the smokers, it actually does. It is a fact that almost half of the users of tobacco die every year by the consumption of cigarettes. Almost 7 million deaths are reported to be from the cause of smoking and people being exposed to the second hand smoke cause around 1 million deaths.

There are several diseases, which are caused by smoking, and it includes the cancer of lung, throat, liver, stomach, kidney, and bone marrow. The symptoms of smoking also include the stroke, heart diseases, and emphysema. To reduce the consumption of cigarettes, Vapes are introduced. Although the side effects of the use of vape are still an ongoing research but it has proven to be less harmful than the cigarettes, which use tobacco as the main ingredient.

As every other product out in the market needs packaging and boxing to ensure the safety of it while shipping and to induce more sales by attracting customers, Custom Vape Packaging Boxes offered by PakBoxes play a very vital role to increase the customer base.

This section is all about the kind of vape packaging that is done for the safety of the consumers along with the safety of the product that is packed inside. Every kind of packaging for the products needs certain standards, which fulfil the packaging design, so does, the packaging of vape.

1. Target market

The first thing to consider while thinking about the packaging of vape is to understand the target audience. The boxes of vapes directly affect the target audience. The gender, age, and ethnicity of people should be kept in mind before designing the casing of vapes.

2. The packaging reflects the product

Another fact of the packaging of vapes is that it always tends to reflect the product that is packed inside. The kind of image that is portrayed in the cases of vapes are always defining what they carry. It is because most of the time, these cases include the picture of vapes themselves. Moreover, it is necessary for the vape companies to produce this kind of packaging to get more customer attraction that results in more sales for the company.

3. Easy access

One of the best ways that these companies stand out in the packaging is the easy access towards the product. These cases are always easy to handle and easy to unbox. Moreover, there is another packaging inside the box, which ensures safety even more. These inner cases provide a good experience to the consumers along with more ease in the storage of vapes.

4. Informative

Another fact of custom printed vape packaging is that they are very informative about the specifics of the product. The “how to use” is always provided on or within the packaging of vape cases. Moreover, the logo, tagline, manufacturing place and the “made in” the country is always provided on the cases of vapes. Other than this, the inner booklet always conveys legal information about the business.

5. Support the environment

One of the many facts about the packaging of vapes is that these are made by eco-friendly material. The material that is used in manufacturing these cases is mostly recyclable and reusable in the manufacturing unit again. The use of Kraft and cardboard in the manufacturing of these boxes allow the company to picture itself as a “go green” activist. This motto of going green allows the company to increase its margins of profits by attracting many customers.

6. Durable:

Last but not least of the facts is that these cases are durable. These are made out of the material, which is not just eco-friendly but is also hard, sturdy, and durable. Therefore, it provides safety for the vapes that are packed inside.

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