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May 7, 2019



As the times pass by, the line in fashion separation based on gender is diminishing. The line faded to such an extent that the present fashion trend ruling the world is gender fluid fashion. The main aim of this concept is to provide clothes and accessories that can be worn by any gender. This way the fashion designers are bringing gender equality. The designs of the clothing in this gender fluid fashion is attracting more and more public day by day. Everyone wishes to try these clothes and surprisingly they are not at all ashamed to say that they love them. Also, you can easily buy this style using Limeroad Offers with great discounts.

Now, few of the designers are experimenting not to create genderless clothes but to mix both men and women fashion to create new gender fluid designs. Let us now take a look at the new gender fluid clothes that are introduced to the public:

  • Skirt rebellion: In the past times, skirts totally belonged to women. If a man is seen wearing a skirt, he would be ridiculed and called names. But, those were past times, now the fashion world is challenging those narrow minds by introducing skirt styles for men. You can wear them on suits, t-shirts, shirts, basically on anything. Be comfortable in getting in touch with your feminine side and enjoy the freedom a skirt provides, wear a skirt and show them your pride in being what you are, says the fashion world. Surprisingly, most of the men are liking the idea and the comfort the skirt provides.
  • Lace dress: We all can imagine how incredibly beautiful a woman would look in a lace dress. Maybe men got jealous or maybe they wanted to look beautiful too, either way men are trying lace dress and enjoying the comfort and the beauty it provides with grace and pride, proving yet again that gender differentiation is a thing in the past, now you can be whatever you want and wear whatever you like, and never be afraid to show who you are.
  • Polo: As they say, everything is a two-way street. Even fashion is. Women are wearing the clothes of men that they love since as long as the concept of dating started. So, the fashion designers thought, why should those dresses be only for men? So, they started small and made polo t-shirts for women too. Now, men and women alike, everyone is wearing polo t-shirts. Astonishingly enough, women are looking even more beautiful than men wearing a polo.
  • Hoodies: The first thing a woman steals from a man she is in a relationship is his hoodies. This has become a problem for men because they are losing their favourite hoodies, and they can’t ask them back because they obviously know that they’re going to lose that battle. Keeping the grief of men in mind, the fashion designers made the hoodies gender fluid. Now the women can have their own hoodies. Unfortunately, even though this idea became a raging success, men are still losing their hoodies to their loved ones.
  • Jumpers: Everyone loves a good jumper, do not get me wrong, I am talking about the clothing, not a person. The most common gift on any holiday to be given to the boys or girls is a good holiday jumper. Even on normal occasions, jumpers have proven to be everyone’s favourite clothing. But, there exist only a few jumpers that a couple can wear to look alike. One of those few jumpers is a checker designed jumper. Perfect for everyone to wear, this jumper proved itself to be worthy to be worn by a couple. Frankly speaking, I think this checkered jumper would look amazing on a couple playing golf.
  • Shirts: Shirts are being worn by both men and women since a very long time. Maybe the gender fluidity in the fashion world started by them. Everywhere you see, there will be a few men and women wearing shirts for sure. They are the actual and perfect example for gender fluid clothing that fits perfectly, and also looks absolutely lovely on anyone that wears them. Introduce a checked design on these shirts and you got yourself a shirt that a couple can wear and show their unity. The formal look the shirt gives to a person is the most important feature that attracted both the gender and became one of the first gender fluid clothes. In addition to this, you can get a variety of shirts using Ajio Discount Coupons with great offers.
  • Full-sleeve T-shirts: Personally I absolutely love a full sleeve. These are the evergreen gender fluid clothing after shirts. Wearing these shows the simplicity and the carefree side of a person, not to mention the beauty of the person wearing them. These factors make the t-shirts a true gender flexible fashion wear in the market.

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