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7 Tips To Choose The Ultimate Exhibiting Team
August 23, 2019

The biggest question comes in our mind when we think about exhibiting who is going to represent your company at the expo. Well, it depends on various factors. Before selecting the staff members for your exhibition stand, you should ask a few questions from them. Why are you representing your company and brand in this expo?

What are the things you are going to represent? Finally, after getting satisfactory answers, come up with your final sales team.

Here, in this article, we are going to share top tips for selecting the ultimate exhibiting team

1. Less isn’t always more

A common mistake for company’s that exhibit is having too few employees to help run the booth. From initial set up to final tear down, there should be more than a couple of hands pitching in when needed.

Being one of two employees at a show may be overwhelming if they need to handle more than just sales. If your space looks empty with people, few to little will stop by. Therefore, you should deploy enough team members in your exhibition stands UK to attract visitors.

2. Exhibiting experience – Do they have any?

Trade shows are expensive to exhibit at and you’ll lose money if you don’t gain the leads you intend to. Having experience under your team’s belt is key to a successful show. Knowing how to handle prospects and certain situations will come in handy, especially at larger shows.

Do your employees know how to properly gather information so you may reach out after the show? Do your employees know the product or service that is being showcased at the trade show? Even if someone is new to the exhibiting world, is there anyone joining them in the booth space that does have experience?

Keep these questions in mind when selecting your ultimate exhibiting team. Everyone starts somewhere, and it’s best to team up a trade show newbie with someone who has had quite a bit of experience helping them out.

3. Trade shows are a great learning opportunity

This leads to our next point – pre-show training for trade show newbies. If you have a team member who is new to the company or maybe right out of their degree, trade shows are a great opportunity to learn more about the industry and have them interact with possible prospects.

Giving them the opportunity to answer different questions and sometimes being put on the spot will allow the new team member to be comfortable later on in different situations outside the trade show floor.

Be sure to have a higher level employee at your bespoke exhibition stands to guide them and be there in case there are questions or large decisions to be made.

4. A VP finishes the team

A huge bonus to the exhibiting team is if the VP of the company tags along to the trade show. Not only does this make the show itself look that much more important to the company if it’s represented by the highest level, but it will also make prospects feel important if they speak directly with the Vice President.

5. Tell Them Your Objectives

You should deeply tell about the objectives of your trade show. This will let the staff members participate actively. Also, they will communicate the right message to your team members.

You should set down clear objectives and prepare a perfect plan to achieve them. Also, the choices of the staff members are also dependant on your objectives.

6. Choose Technical Person As Well

In some situations, a salesperson may not able to communicate the right message to trade show visitors. This scenario is more often in technical expos. Therefore, you should also consider some technical staff members along with the salespersons.

Always choose the best people who will help you in attaining your objectives. Makes sure the staff members you choose should be capable to attract potential leads, engage trade show visitors and get more profit. Also, you should choose the staff members on the basis of your objectives.

For example: If you want to spread brand awareness and your product is a little complicated. In this case, to spread brand awareness, you should deploy an engineer in your booth who provide a presentation on your product.

You should do a mockup with the staff members before the final day. Many top trade show builders like exhibition stand companies UK help in mockup. This trick will let you avoid small mistakes on final day.

7. Good Communication Skills

Good communication skills are a key to engage visitors at your exhibition stand and transform then into potential leads. Trade booth staff should invite the trade show visitors at their exhibition stand. Staff members should provide complete information about the brand and product to trigger curiosity among people.

Final Words

The best team to take on the show floor are ones that have the experience, enthusiasm, and know-how to draw in prospects. Always have a team meeting prior to the show to recap why you’re there at the show in the first place!

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