July 29, 2019



Behind the commencement of every flourishing enterprise, there lies a consumer’s need for some product. Jenny Wang, the founder of Petite’s Studio, shares the motive behind her venture; on reaching the United States, she had to face difficulty in finding clothes that would fit her in and she had to go to the children’s section in search of suitable garments for her.

Wang launched her business in 2016 along with her husband and partner Mathew Howell, who supervises the business operations. Her business is expanding and flourishing with every passing day. This article is going to give 9 pragmatic pieces of advice to Clothing Manufacturers, Cutting T-shirts, and to the young entrepreneurs intending to start a fashion brand.

Here you go;

  1. You Don’t Have to Be ‘Rich’ in Order to Start Your Own Venture

To start your own business, you don’t have to be necessarily rich. You only need to work smartly and try to find out cost-effective or comparatively cheaper suppliers. Shopify is worth considering for the purpose. Photoshoots charge a very little amount of money, yet there are some other cost-effective means that can be followed. You can consider substituting an expensive photographer or model with some cheaper ones.

  1. Undertake a Research to Determine a Need of the Customers

Before embarking on a business adventure, undertake thorough market research to determine the need and demand of your prospective products. If you find a lack of demand in the market, you have to produce a demand for the commodity. Each and every product that we observe thriving and becoming successful in the market is the ultimate result of a demand for that product, and that is why it is crucial.

  1. Get to Know and Understand Your Potential Customers

With a view to establish and expand your business, you need to know and have a deep understanding of your potential customers and target audience. You should survey and find out what your potential customers wish and desire to get. Discover the taste, liking and disliking, and the needs of the target audience. Figure out what is the most needed or demanded service in the market. This knowledge will help you make a wise decision and ultimately you would be able to establish and run a successful business. Knowing the needs and demands of potential customers is key to a flourishing enterprise.

  1. Don’t Hesitate to Begin with a Small Team

You just don’t have to hesitate to start a venture with a small team. For a fresh startup, it doesn’t really need to have a large crew at all. You can commence with just two to three people in all. Nevertheless, for a fashion startup, you do have to bear in mind that your small team must contain a designer, model, and photographer. Nothing can be more beneficial than if one person can do all these jobs. Begin small and then go on enhancing the number of workers and employees as the need arises. Don’t waste time in too much planning and thinking. Embark on your mission with the existing resources and you can adjust accordingly. But never undertake any project without research.

  1. Employ Fine and Professional People to Help Your Enterprise Flourish

The most vital role in a fashion business is played by the designer particularly if the entrepreneur is not a designer. If you are young and lacking in experience it is sagaciously advised to employ the hiring manager. You can find efficient employees by posting on school websites just like FIT and Parsons. The hiring manager can do much better for you by providing his professional and expert opinion. A suitable staff for a fashion company should comprise of a logistics crew, a merchandiser, a design assistant, and a marketing team. While employing your crew staff, you should consider professionalism as top measuring quality.

  1. Look for a Trustworthy Factory that Can Be Convenient to Visit

Another important aspect to be kept in mind is the location of the production factory and its reliability. You should start working with a factory that you know, that you trust, and that is located near you so that you can visit it easily as and when you need. It would save you from a lot of inconvenience and trouble. Since there is a possibility that the fabric is not delivered in time or while doing the grading, they might louse up the size and that would affect almost 100 pieces. Therefore, you should choose a factory very shrewdly.

  1. Market Your Products Efficiently

The next essential measure to be undertaken is the efficient marketing of the product. You can consider taking advantage of the influencers’ experience. You can utilize the emailing facility for the purpose as well. Moreover, it may be a good practice to have a public relations manager in your team. Having such a person in the staff would guide you and assist you in taking a good and sane decision. It is very crucial for the success of a business to take into account how the marketing process is done.

  1. Polish Up Your Entrepreneurship Skills

You do have to muster and polish up your business and entrepreneurship skills. It would really help and benefit you if you belong to a family with a business background. A fashion designer having no fashion background would think from the perspective of a designer as compared to a fashion designer with a fashion designing background who would think differently i.e. from a customer’s perspective. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance and learn. A newbie might face difficulty in business functions and management. But you may learn from others experience. Moreover, you can take advantage of and read books on business management.

  1. Take Time to Ponder and Self reflect

It is very critical for a business manager and entrepreneur to meditate and take all aspects of a business into account. No one can have perfect knowledge. Everyone is a learner, learning one thing or the other. Experience does count in the success of an enterprise but you should not give up your efforts. If you see something is not working properly, you need to change the strategy. Further, you have to reflect on and learn about your weaknesses. Realize your strong points and polish those up.

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