Amazing Dress Alteration Ideas

Amazing Dress Alteration Ideas

Here, we will talk about altering the clothes that you no more wear because they are too tight now. It may be kurtas, tops, maxis, dresses or even your trousers. So stay till the end of this article !!

panel kurti

Side Panels: The first and foremost commonly used method is to insert fabric in the side seams of your dress or kurta. Make sure the fabric you insert is cut uniformly. If you are inserting 2” wide fabric in front, then you need to insert 2” wide fabric in back seam too. You have a lot of options in this, if you have plain kurta, then you can insert a plain panel or you can insert opposite colour panel too.

colour block kurti with centre panel

If you want to wear this kurta at a wedding or a party, then you can have laces placed on the side panel Insertion. There is one more benefit to this style. Many of you who ask for design ideas that can help your body frame appear slimmer, we told you about colour blocking your outfits in our article “dress up as your body type”. So this design will work like colour blocking only. The side panel insertion will make your body frame appear narrower.

side panel bottomsYou can do the same thing with your trousers too. Insert a fabric panel in your trousers from waist to ankle. There are lots of options in this too.

You can have a printed panel or opposite colour panel or the same colour panel inserted. Or you can have laces placed on these side panels to make a trouser for your party wear suit.


Godet: It’s basically a triangular piece of cloth that we can insert in tops, kurtas, skirts or lehengas for adding an extra flare. This can be inserted after cutting a kurta from the centre. You have to get the godet placed in both front and back side of your kurta or top. Here you can experiment with the godet fabric. You can use decorative fabrics, prints or plain fabrics. Not only your old top will become of your size but also it will be designed into a new style. Similarly, you can get centre godet inserted in your pants too. You have to get them placed in your front and back side of your pants. It will turn your straight pants into flared pants.

Next is placing godet at the centre left of the dress. Again, you have a lot of fabric options here. You can use any kind of fabric plain or printed. In this, we have only changed the placement of godet from centre to centre left of your dress. You can add this to your A-line tops, kurtas or maxis.

mutliple godets

Multiple Godets: To add flair to your skirts, you can do that by inserting multiple godets after few intervals like placing godets at a distance of 4”- 6” from each other throughout of your skirt. You can do this to add flair to your kurtas and tops too.

side seam godets

Side Seam Godets: You can get this inserted into the side seam of your any dress, kurta or top. Similarly, you can get side seam godet inserted in your pants too. You have to get them placed inside leg and outside seam of your pants. It will turn your straight pants into flared pants.

Princess Line Inserts: Princess line insert is basically constructed for a better fit. So, you can have an extra fabric added to the princess line. It will redesign your old kurta or top completely as your old top wear will need everything to be constructed again except your neckline.

centre panel insertion

Center Panel Insertions: You can add centre panel to your kurtas and give them a jacket kind of look. Use it in your tops too for changing their style. But this will require more work as you have to get your necklines finished again. So, it needs extra effort but this design is really good.

It is good for your party-wear kurtas. This method will not only make your old kurtas fit you again but also the style will be changed into a jacket and also spending on remaking of these kurtas seem sensible as they are too expensive and need to be preserved for a long time. So spending a little more on them will not be an issue.

Spending on remaking of your casual dresses by this method make feel like a wrong choice as this remaking may cost you more than the actual price of your casual kurta or top. So, it’s a good option for heavy or party wear kurtas.

leggings side panels with knotsCriss Cross Knot on Side Panels: Next this is a very interesting style that you can use to modify the very first style discussed which was inserting a side panel to your top wear. You can add loops and Doris in a crisscross manner over the side panels. Also, add little poms or tassels at the end of Dori/string.

How to increase the length of short kurtas, trousers or tops?

You can add net fabric to increase the length of your kurta or trouser. Basically, you need to insert extra fabric. It could be any fabric – plain, printed, embroidered, same colour or a different colour. You can add piping or insertion lace at the joint.

Now, how to add length to your tops?

To convert tops into A-line dresses, Add plain georgette to these tops and give a centre-left slit. In this way, a pretty summer dress is ready for use.

length increase

You can wear it with trousers or palazzos. The best thing is it won’t cost you much as you can use synthetic georgette for such design.

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