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Best Four Fabrics for Summers
April 27, 2018

Best Four Fabrics for Summers

Here’s four fabrics which are super fashionable and trendy. Without compromising on style, they are cool where skin can breathe and easily absorbs moisture !!

Best Four Fabrics for SummersCotton Fabrics

Its absorbency is good and are machine washable. They are soft and are skin friendly. However they needs to be dried in shade. Cottons are good for sew especially for beginners.

Best Four Fabrics for Summers


It is made up of cellulose fibre obtained from flax plant. They easily absorb moisture and dry fast. Much stronger than cotton as it could bear more sun light variability. But they require gentle wash and are not flexible as it has wrinkle issue. So they needs to be ironed every time you want to dress. For shiny dress it is more preferable but needs to be dried in shade.

Best Four Fabrics for Summers


These fabrics are used in men’s wear earlier, but now in women’s wear especially for kurtis, skirts, tunics this fabric can be used. Since its light weight and more glossier & shinier. Its often compared with denim. It has similar absorbency and cooling properties just like cotton and are machine washable. Due to its strechability because of mix of spandex and lycra, its look is impressive. This fabric gives a much better fitting for dresses. Earlier in blue but now in different versions of colours and prints, they are available.

Best Four Fabrics for Summers

Khadi Cotton

This is handmade so its texture is different every time i.e. there is no uniformity in its design and length. Similar to cotton, its absorbency is good. The unique quality of this fabric is that that in summers they are cool and in winters, they are warm. This is much lighter and soft material. The fabric which is produced in Andhra Pradesh and Bengal, its property is so fine that it can pass through the ring. This material is especially recommended for this summers. So, next time you visit market, buy khadi !!

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