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Bridal Makeup is the most vital aspect of Destination Weddings
December 4, 2019

Bridal Makeup is the most vital aspect of Destination Weddings

Destination Wedding are witnessing a rapid increase due to their increased popularity, with numerous couples choose for an extravagant party on sunny beach or royal desert instead of traditional wedding at the temple or church. Destination weddings are more of a trend these days as couples want to make the most out of their big day.

In comparison to traditional weddings destination weddings tends to be more laid back and relaxed as the bride and groom delegate the responsibility to other people such as wedding planners and event organizers. These days couples want to spend a romantic time with their loved ones with magnificent views and breathtaking pictures.

On such a special occasion majority of brides want a different look as compared to the traditional look. However, most of them get worried about overdoing it or getting it wrong. Finding the Best Bridal Makeup in Jaipur can be a daunting task as the entire world has their eyes on the bride.

On this auspicious occasion Indian brides turn into goddess like figures, decked in extravagant and precious gems and jewels, flowers and beautiful attire which compliment their wedding theme. Although, imagining your wedding look beforehand is not an easy task, there is a lot of work and research involved in deciding a look that compliment the attire and wedding theme.

A wholesome combination that enhances your skin tone and makes you look beautiful naturally. Weddings at royal locations such as Jaipur, Jodhpur and other parts of Rajasthan are intimate, that implies less mandatory invites and more family and friends. Destination wedding make the guests feel loved and the couple feels important.

A recent wedding of international fame Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas witnessed a limited number of attendees. The Royal wedding took place at one of the world’s most luxurious hotel, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur. Priyanka was seen in a timeless look with utmost focus on her radiant skin and soft lips. Overall, the makeup was natural and soft to complement her Ralph Lauren attire for both ceremonies and a lavish reception.

Destination Wedding Makeup In Jaipur especially a Royal wedding is not usual. It includes a lot of planning in curating the desired look. It all starts with preparing the skin with a clarifying toner, rose water, and sunscreen which acts as a holding agent to make the foundation stay on face for long hours. The second task is to decide colours with different combinations which suit the wedding attire. A Royal wedding (what Jaipur is famous for) isn’t just an alliance between the bride and groom and its families. It’s an international phenomenon which boosts tones of national and international well wishers, dignitaries and of course media.

Style and Scissors is regarded as one of the Best Salon in India boosting a professional industry experience of almost a decade. Style and Scissors was conceptualized and articulated by none other than Ritu Deswal who is an expert in skin, hair and beauty regime. Her bonafied interest in makeup and dedicated hard work has paid off as she expanded her business from one flagship store to more than 10 branches now with an expert team of above 200 people.

Besides that she is also involved in a training institute named as SKINITI which is regarded as a pioneer in skin, beauty and makeup industry. When it comes to destination weddings Style and Scissors has got you sorted with their lucrative packages and professional staff. Apart from the gorgeous makeup, Brides at Style N Scissors are complemented with spa, sauna and jacuzzi to clean and moisturize their skin for even tone look.

All in all, destination weddings are stressful especially for the brides, as they are constantly worried about their look on the big day and above all they need to look stunning in their wedding photographs. Makeup is decided with meticulous research which compliments their wedding dress and the overall theme. Moderate and organic makeup is a trend these days, mostly in royal weddings — it’s classic and simple, and it works for everyone.

Moreover, keeping it natural pays off as it makes you look confident on your big day, it’s all about you on the wedding day so a personalized approach in alliance with Style N Scissors for minimalist bridal makeup and focus on sharp features is a must.

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