Diwali Shopping Changing Market Trends
October 5, 2019

Diwali Shopping Changing Market Trends

Diwali is known as the shopping festival of India. People of India starts the preparation for Diwali days before the event. You can witness a tsunami of customers during the month of Diwali. Every family in India start their Diwali Shopping a month before Diwali.

To attract lots of customers shopkeepers start attractive offers on branded products. But with changing  time ways of shopping also changes, with the increasing craze of Internet, Online Shopping users are also increased. India is the country where Internet user are growing tremendously and with that online shopping trend are also increasing.

There are lots of customers then, there are many Online Stores active over Internet and competing with each other to attract as many customers as they can these stores Launch Diwali Sale every year.

Now, there is a change seems in Indian market that customers are shifting from offline market to online market. This is also due to the lucrative discounts offered by online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm and lot more.

Due to these amazing offers customers are moving towards online shopping and a ease of getting your favorite product at home is also forcing people to purchase products online even from their workplace. And with 15 days money back policy of these stores also helping them to gain the trust of customers.

Trends are Changing from Shops to Online Stores

On the basis of Government of India survey we can see that the first quarter 2019 e-commerce estimate increased 12.4 percent (±1.1%) from the first quarter of 2018 while total retail sales increased 2.0 percent (±0.4%) in the same period. This is a huge increase rate of customers when we compare it with other businesses. As, online customers are increasing and with that online stores are also developing, according to a survey almost 5 E-commerce websites launches everyday.

But only few of them have the command on internet market like Flipkart and Amazon only holds 31.9% and 31.1% respectively share in Indian online market. But these online stores are competing with each other and launch amazing sale on branded products to attract more customers. As, Deepavali is the main shopping festival in India so, like shopkeepers these digital stores also launch Diwali Offers.

Top Websites for Diwali Shopping

There are hundreds of E-commerce Websites active in India but only few are popular like Amazon, Flipkart holds the major share in Indian E-commerce market. Flipkart holds 31.9% share following by Amazon with 31.1% of Indian E-commerce market.

There are lots of other digital stores also working hard to attract more customers like Myntra, Shopclues, Jabong, Paytm Mall etc. They all are competing with each other and to grab more customers they launch different amazing discounts. So, you can see great deals on branded Shoes, Clothing, Electronics, Mobile Phones Diwali Offers etc.

Challenges of Changing Trends

With the increasing number of E-commerce Stores new problem comes up for the internet users. There are lots of stores already present on the internet and they all are launching sale on thousands of products. Due to this it become very time consuming to choose the best offers on desired products.

Internet users are spending on an average 5 hours in searching best deals on various online stores during Diwali month. This is effecting their working capacity and in some cases it becomes an addiction and even users are not able to sleep well. Fear of being scam is also always there with Online Shopping because, it’s very difficult to judge a website by only seeing it that its genuine or fraud.

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