Drawbacks of kurtis shopping at stores
January 22, 2019

Drawbacks of Kurtis shopping at stores

By now most ladies in India are aware of the pros of online shopping but those ladies who stay in internal parts of India still do kurtis shopping at boutique stores.  We must say they all are honestly missing superb opportunities offered by online stores in India. For them to trust any online store is out of the equation at the moment hence in this article, we are only focusing on explaining the drawback of Kurtis shopping at physical stores.

Limitation of boutique stores

First of all, the boutique stores depend on bulk Kurtis suppliers because they can’t reach to Kurtis manufacturer situated in all parts India. Although they have some wholesale Kurtis websites where they can purchase Kurtis catalogues in wholesale rate still they haven’t used to it. Due to this limitation, they have to wait for the newly launched kurtis collection for a long time so customers couldn’t see the fresh collection of Kurtis at boutique stores.

Famous stores hide new stocks of Kurtis

All boutique stores hide new collection because kurtis design catalogues supplier In India hasn’t delivered new patterns on time at any retail shop.  Because of that When you visit nearby stores a sale person who serves you is very well trained to present the old patterns of Kurtis as brand new designs.  This is the reason most of the girls you see in old styled Kurtis in a small town!  Well, Boutique owner s strategy is to clear the old stock first so they don’t buy fresh stokes in advance and even if any boutique store purchases it in advance, he/she wouldn’t want to showcase new collection immediately.

High Price 

Price is the main concern for all ladies so they love to negotiate at stores. But smart shopkeepers are very well aware of the nature of Indian ladies so they already put the double price tag on Kurtis. As soon any customer starts to negotiate, a sale person decreases the price little bit and finally closed the deal at the high price.  This is really a smart strategy to make any customer fool and the negation also gives a satisfaction about decreasing price.

Few varieties

Since Kurtis are the highest selling outfits, manufacturers in India launch tons of variety every day. However Most of the stores are offering all types of traditional dresses like sarees, salwar kameez, lehenga cholis, they set the specific budget for Kurtis catalogues. Due to this, they can’t purchase the entire pattern therefore in a rural area or small town; at any stores, a customer can’t see all the new patterns.

Customers can’t get easy instalment

Due to the competitive online world, all the websites offer easy instalment in which online buyers can purchase expensive designers Kurtis at minimum instalment.  For a costly party wear Kurtis or designer Kurtis, most of the websites offer instalment options at 0% interest hence customers can easily pay instalment as per their conveniences. This facility is not available at any stores in India

Worst exchange policy

Retail stores only exchange kurti if it isn’t fitted well, even in this process also, a  customer has reported to or visit the store in 2 days otherwise The product hasn’t been replaced by them.  All websites have set effective exchange policy in which customer can exchange Kurtis after 15 days without being asked any question by a customer service representative.

Complicated refund policy

Because of the complicated refund policy, many customers couldn’t get the full refund from the reputed stores even if the product is faulty. All stores not happily accept the sold Kurtis and give the refund to customers. At most, salesperson offers exchange instead of refund hence customer has to buy any kurti even though she wouldn’t want to buy new kurti from the same store. In the current shopping world, mostly all available online stores give a full refund to the customer without asking a single question.

Fix opening & closing timing

Stores open and close at fix time so the customer has to buy any type of kurti during that time from the store .whereas online stores open 24*7 hence users have all the time in the world to search the Kurtis collection select any pattern from it and order it any time.

Above are the main drawbacks of buying Kurtis from the stores now customers have to decide after going through this post that what is good for them or what is bad for them.

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