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August 13, 2019


Traveling is the key to make your soul happy. This makes you feel alive. But before traveling there are many decisions that we need to make. The toughest decisions are related to the bag packs. What do I have to bring with me? What will be the best outfit? After all, everyone needs to look good to be in pictures. Here, we are sharing some of the best tips are tricks you need to know before traveling.
After making the bookings, the first thing is to pack the bag and carry the essentials. Now, how to make a decision about what to pack? There is a step-by-step guide you need to follow. First, check the weather conditions of the destination. This can help you to choose out-fits.
Now, after checking the wardrobe mostly people are out of cloths. The wardrobe is full of clothes but nothing to get good pictures. Here, online shopping is the best way to make your packing fun. There are some tops reasons; one must do online shopping before going on a trip.

Big Discounts

After spending money on bookings, chances are more that you are out of money. But without shopping the trip is incomplete. So, online shopping is the best option. There is a number of deals that are making people buy online products at very low prices. Just select the product you want to buy there are many online deals are available online. Also, in India, many coupon websites are helping people to guide with the best online deals. Many websites are providing the option on pay latter. This can help a lot in these situations. One can make the order and put the appropriate payment mode. They will be charged on the requested dates. This is the beauty of online shopping. You don’t need to beg someone to get something. You can use the technology and make the payment.


Online shopping is the best way to save time as well. Before going on a trip there are lots of things you need to plan. Chances are high that you won’t get time to go to market. Here, online shopping is a life-saving tool. Just pick the mobile search for the item you are looking for. Place, the order and it’s done. This is the way you saved the time, you can utilize this time anywhere else. Time is the main issue with professionals. If you are going on an office trip than you can make the purchase even you are in the cab. Many online shopping websites are delivering products on the same day.


Not getting something you really like is the nightmare. Before online shopping searching, something is a real nightmare. People have to search a lot for the product. Once you get the product, you have to search for a better deal. Once, you get the product. Someone comes and says I got the same product at lesser prices. This is what 90’s people can relate to. But this is not the case now. One can easily switch to the internet, search the product and buy at best prices. So, if you are going on the trip. There are chances that you need something which is unique. It will be hectic for you to go market and search for it. As the chances are high that you won’t get that. So, online shopping can solve this problem under a few clicks.


When you are going to buy something before the trip. It is almost impossible to check the actual quality of the product with offline shopping. But within less time online shopping can help you with this. There are a number of reviews available online for the same product. These reviews are by the people who are already using the product. These are the real reviews. Also, here is a short tip. If you really want to know about the product. Read the reviews which are 3 stars rated. Mostly, people giving 3 stars to the product are putting genuine reviews. So, just go with a review of 3-star raters.

Color Selection

This is the case with women. They want more colors. This is not possible for offline shops to show you all the colors. Once, you are shopping for something for your trip you might be in a hurry. If shopkeeper says there are no more colors available in this design. Then you left with only two choices, buy it or leave it. But with online shopping even you are in a hurry you can check all the available colors. This allows you to choose your favorite color with fantastic designs.


When you are in another city. Chances are high that you don’t know the market properly. Also, it has been observed that at tourist places the products are overpriced. Here, online shopping helps you to get the product at low rates. The best example is cab booking. Mostly in tourist places the taxies are charging high. As they know that you don’t have the knowledge of the pricing. So, simply book the cab online.
Online shopping is a better option in any way while you are traveling. These are the points before the trip. During the trip, online shopping can also help you a lot. Once you are in the middle of your journey you got to know that you left something at home. Now, it is not possible for you to get that. Simply, order online to the hotel you are going to stay. Just inform the hotel staff. Sometimes the products are delivered before you reach the hotel. This can save you from the nightmare. This is the general case we all faced.
Online food delivery app also helps a lot. After reaching to the destination we all are tired. So, hate to step out to even to get the dinner. Not all the hotels are serving the meal. Also, hotel meals are overpriced. Here, online food delivery apps can save you a lot with money and taste.
Author: Abhishek Raj, C.E.O. & Co-Founder Trend Eve. Abhishek is also a guest speaker. He gave a guest lecture in M.I.T., Moradabad on “Busting the Bubbles of Startups and Entrepreneurs”
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