May 7, 2019



It is almost certain and agreed by the majority of the relevant people that every year, above 70 billion of clothing articles and products are regularly manufactured and sold all over the world in different kinds of stores. It definitely means that each passing year, billions of utilized and rigorously wear out clothing products are just thrown away just to make big and better space for new and uniquely designed apparel. The number depicts that it is unfortunate that the world in which we live waste so much valuable clothing resources apart from other important resources as well. Here are the most important and eye-opening 8 factual realities that will definitely aid you to understand the question of why?

Fact #1

It usually takes above 600 gallons of normal water to manufacture a shirt with the help of cotton fabric. It always takes a hell of usage of water to produce cotton required to manufacture the desired number of clothes. To put all these numbers in relevant perspective, all the water required to manufacture for clothing manufacturers in the US a t-shirt is quite enough for a single person in order to stay fully hydrated for the days of exactly 900. While the total amount in terms of water required to manufacture a jeans’ pair is almost equal to water your entire lawn for straight 9 hours.

Fact #2

The residents of the United States of America (USA) on an average scrap out around 82 pounds of waste products related to textile each year. It means that the production of textile related waste produced each year is about 11 million hundred. It must be remembered that this number is alone for the residents of the USA for clothing manufacturers in the US. Although it may look like harmless to scrap out all the torn clothes, these clothes are most likely to be dumped into the landfills, where they stock up to the toxic products of greenhouse gases which are emitted all into our beloved atmosphere. As one of the most crucial reason in terms of global warming, these emitted gases are really very toxic as well as dangerous and hazardous for the environment and for human health.

Fact #3

The textile fabrics can take almost up to or perhaps over 40 years in order to decompose. Once we scrap and throw out clothes out, it means we easily accept the important fact that perhaps we will never ever be able to see these private label clothing manufacturer again. However, just for the reason that our scrapped clothes are now not a part of our lives, it certainly does not suggest that that have got disappeared. While some fabrics or materials take a bit longer for the process of decomposition as compared to others, all contain the quality of dangerous effects for our environment as a whole. If we talk about the release of gases such as methane, most garments are crafted with chemicals and dyes which can easily contaminate the water and soil in the surface of the ground.

Fact #4

Shoes can really take up approximately 1,000 years in order to break down or decompose. Are you thinking that clothes take this much long time for the process of decomposition? Shoes can take longer as compared to mentioned above!

Usually made up with an element known as ethylene vinyl, the midsoles underneath the shoes can really take a long time for the decomposition. Instead of putting more waste material in the landfills, try and make a habit (if not have this) to donate or sell your shoes off. It will always give you eternal peace to your soul.

Fact #5

95 per cent of the textiles is able to recycle. With every passing year, we are continuing to scrap and throw our torn and used textile clothes towards private label clothing manufacturer. Even though all of these clothes, almost, are able to give for the purpose of recycling. This certainly means that there are no alternatives to throw waste in the landfills. Back in 2013, the US protection agency related to environment estimated that around 2 million tons of clothing waste were recycled, in result avoiding disposal. They made a claim that the environmental influence of this number was as same as receiving approximately 1 million four-wheelers out of the road.

Fact #6

The textile products have the capability to be made into several different pieces of stuff. These things include pillow stuffing, paper money, and sports fields. When you do the clothing recycling, it is quite possible they go straight away to the new owner of this recycle cloth without any noticeable alteration. There is also a possibility, the clothes might be recycled into an abundance of routine items. Whether the garment fibres are transformed into the padding of carpet, lining of a jewellery box or baseball filling. One can never know where the recycled clothes might go to end up!

Fact #7

When you give the clothes to various or one charity organization, it is certainly not uncommon for the apparels to give and sold is to overseas. It is very fortunate, many of the folks, every day, donate their clothes. But there exists a misconception about these clothes. Not all the used clothes are domestically distributed. The bitter reality that there is too much quantity which is categorized as unwanted clothes. That is the reason why many organizations associated with clothing collection including planet aid, sell the used clothes abroad. At Planet aid, they use the funds received out of selling for programs related to sustainable development all around the globe.

Fact #8

In this world, 70 per cent of the population wears the clothing termed as secondhand. So whenever you make a plan to gout for the purpose of shopping, try out the thrift store dedicated for secondhand shopping. This will certainly help the textile industry as far as a charitable contribution is concerned. It also saves some bucks as well. Furthermore, whenever you donate the clothes for next time, feel happy about your old clothes. It is a real fact that the clothes you end up wearing will make some other happy.

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