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Get Flawless Skin With Super Beneficial Sandalwood Face Pack Powder
February 16, 2019

Get Flawless Skin With Super Beneficial Sandalwood Face Pack Powder

Opt for the best of skin cleansing, exfoliation and toning benefits with the sandalwood face pack powder that comes with an array of benefits for the skin. It is this completely organic sandalwood face pack that is here to pamper the skin in an all round manner.

Derived from the trees of genus Santaltum, this amazing sandalwood powder for the face helps moisturise the skin and comes with skin nourishment properties that helps add to the skin health and texture in a complete manner.

This natural sandalwood face pack is further enriched with other beneficial ingredients like Multani mitti, calamine, and almond powder that render this beneficial powder as the best available alternative in the contemporary times that helps care for the skin like never before.

The most important advantage in case of the sandalwood face pack is that it is free from any kind of damaging substances like harmful chemicals,metals,synthetics, pesticides or any other kind of additives.

Owing to the completely natural essence of the sandalwood powder, the completely natural sandalwood face pack happens to be suitable for application on all skin kinds and is free from any kind of side effects.

  • Different Advantages Of Using The Sandalwood Face Pack:

The highly beneficial sandalwood face pack powder is known for its beauty benefits in terms of skin care. The different benefits can be elucidated as under:-

  • The sandalwood face pack works as a natural skin cleanser that helps cleanse the skin of dirt, oils and other impurities that yields a clearer skin complexion.
  • Sandalwood powder is known for its skin whitening benefits and this all natural Sandalwood powder for fairness makes for the easiest solution.
  • The Sandalwood powder is known for its beneficial goodness in removing stubborn sun tans and provides instant relief against sun damage.
  • Sandalwood face pack helps to do provide for instant relief against skin irritation and helps soothe stressed out skin with a cooling sensation.
  • Helps to do away with the first signs of skin ageing like spots, lines, wrinkles and helps retain the youthfulness of the skin owing to its anti ageing properties.
  • It provides for the all-round nutrition and nourishment of the skin that helps maintain the proper skin health.
  • Owing to the essential goodness of the natural sandalwood powder, the Sandalwood function as the ideal remedy for the associated woes of the oily skin kinds and helps prevent pimples, acnes and other breakouts.
  • Sandalwood face pack makes for a completely pure and safe face mask that is free from any kind of synthetics, impurities and chemicals. Being triple sifted it can be easily mixed with other natural ingredients and doesn’t form lumps in the process.
  • Sandalwood face pack caters to skin moisturising that helps keep the skin supple and soft for a longer time and in turn helps do away with dry skin woes.The natural goodness of the sandalwood face pack helps revitalise the skin helps that gets you this fresh feel throughout the day. The soothing aroma that it comes with works as an added advantage in this respect.
  • Here’s how to use the excellent sandalwood face pack powder:-
  • Take 1-2 tablespoons of Sandalwood powder in a plastic or glass bowl and add substantial amount of water to get a mud like consistency.
  • Apply this paste smoothly and evenly on the face and the neck area. Leave it to dry for sometime at least for 30-40 minutes.
  • Wash your face thoroughly with fresh water and pat dry your skin for best results.

Use the super beneficial sandalwood face pack powder for the face and witness for yourself its essential goodness that talks of natural care.

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