Growing Trend of Cowhide Rugs/Carpets
October 27, 2019

Growing Trend of Cowhide Rugs/Carpets

The use of cowhide rugs is becoming very popular in modern homes. They come in many colors, they are very versatile, easy to maintain and clean. The cowhide rugs adapt to any style of decor and any room of an apartment. They are mats ideal for creating a contrast in the environment in which they fit, while giving the room a more elegant and rustic looks

Uses and Advantages of Cowhide

The cowhide rugs have many advantages. They are soft, comfortable, and versatile and combine with any type of decoration, from the most rustic houses to the most modern houses. They look good with old furniture or even more minimalist and modern furniture, which are so popular nowadays in urban apartments. If you have an apartment furnished with minimalist furniture and simple lines, you will certainly be amazed by the contrast that leather rugs can bring to the room, giving it an undoubtedly unexpected effect.

Cow leather rugs are unique and original pieces. They can be natural or dyed like any other type of leather, giving them greater versatility and beauty. These types of rugs are also very durable, and can last for several years. Its appearance improves with the use and the passage of time, becoming an integral part of the decoration of the house. Its durability exceeds even the durability of synthetic fiber mats. They are still the safest for health, since no chemicals are used in their confection.

Because they do not have a definite shape, cowhide rugs adapt to divisions of any shape, even the most irregular. They are an excellent option to highlight areas of your choice or to define different areas. They are an excellent choice for those who own animals at home, since they hide the hair and dust on its surface.

They are also very easy to clean. Basically you just have to follow a rule, which is to prevent the carpet from getting wet. For your regular maintenance, you will need very little soap and water to keep a cowhide rug clean. Sometimes the use of a simple sponge is enough to remove any kind of stain smoothly. However, you should always be careful to place it in places where there is less chance of bruising. The use of leather rugs in places such as a kitchen or a dining area is therefore not recommended.

Its maintenance could not be simpler. With regular vacuuming you can keep your cowhide rugs clean and free of dust. Regular aspiration will prevent dirt and debris from penetrating deeply into the hair. Remember that you should first shake the carpet to loosen the carpet particles, and then proceed to vacuuming. A good technique to keep the surface of these carpets cleaner is to brush them gently with a hard fiber brush in order to release the surface of the carpet from any particle.

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