Gifts are often times of great significance for most of us. For all our loved ones, we like to have beautiful gifts that are filled with love and emotion while being very functional at the same time. When it comes to gifts, their packaging needs to be beautifully customized as well. Custom Packaging for gifts has always been different from regular retail packaging.

These gift specific Custom Boxes are preferred to have beautiful designs for their printed finishes as well as actual designs. Fancy designs with attractive finishes will always look great. The other features gift Box Packaging has to have is proper organization and presentation for gift products along with product safety as well. Regular retail style prints and designs might not work very well with boxes for gifts.

When it comes to designing your perfect Custom Packaging Wholesale for gifts, some of the features you have to consider are:

Proper Gift Style Embellishments and Modifications

Gifts are filled with emotion and care for the loved one. Depending on their sexes, ages, and other social characteristics, gift packaging needs to have custom embellishments as well. These include colour choices, the overall design themes and also some other well know design modifications. While there might not be one correct embellishment style for gift boxes, some of the most popular ones are:

  • Ribbon style design finishes with actual ribbons on top or printed alternatives
  • Beautiful kid-friendly cartoon or superhero style modifications for little gift recipients
  • Beautifully wrapped gift boxes with very attractive surfaces in gift spirit
  • Certain colour combinations for events like Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas and/or Halloween

The main thing you have to keep in mind when designing your gift packaging is the fact that it needs to look attractive and interesting. It will always carry a message for your loved gift recipients. Better more embellished designs will always do the best job of impressing whoever your gifts are for.

Using Printing to Your Advantage

Alongside embellishments and beautifications, printing is also of vital importance for gift style Custom Packaging. Printing will be responsible for more than one features on your gift boxes. If your gifts are for business purposes, you would rather have your business logos printed on your boxes. Personal gifts will preferably have beautiful messages printed on them with fancy designs.

Similarly, gifts for certain occasions would rather have that particular event specific printed designs as well. Fortunately, printing has come a long way today and is available in many beautiful finishes as well. Some of the fanciest printing finishes you can choose from when it comes to your gift style packaging include:

  • Custom raised ink printing for any of your emotional gift style messages printing
  • Beautiful and very attractive gold/silver foil stamping for any custom designs
  • Attractive and very accurate embossing or debossing for logo printed gift boxes
  • Modern UV oil printing perfect for any image printing that you need

Fancy Box Shapes and Designs for Gift Packaging

Custom Gift boxes are some of the most unique in the packaging industry. Custom Boxes for gift products are best looking when they have non-regular shapes and designs about them. This includes their actual fit and finishes in terms of their shapes and designs around gift products. Some of these might not be as protective and durable around products as your normal retail products would be.

However, usually, gift products in their retail packaging are placed in fancy gift boxes. This makes these perfectly suitable for all the required protection and gift packaging requirements as well. There are also many different fancy shapes available for gift boxes delivering just the kind of designs your customers might prefer. Some of the shapes include:

  • The very fancy and modern pyramid-shaped boxes for gifts
  • Advanced gable boxes with a carrying handle for gifts
  • Gold or silver foil boxes with full metallic surfaces and a unique appeal
  • Bookend style boxes with a perfect book cover like the packaging for fancy gifts

Surface Finishes and Laminations Play a Vital Role

Another feature that plays a vital role in Box Packaging for gifts is the way its surfaces look and feel. Gift products are always best served with boxes that look and feel unique and very attractive. Additional to using custom gift boxes -wrapping paper for your gift boxes, you also have the option to choose the right kind of surface laminations. Some of these surface laminations include:

  • Luxurious high gloss surface finish
  • Elegant and clean super matte
  • Modern spot UV surface laminations
  • Affordable regular cardstock finish

However, you will need to ensure all other high-quality features along with their attractive surface finishes as well. Their printed designs, actual box shapes, and design customizations will all play a vital role. When all these are combined into one gift style packaging, results are often truly great. Not only do gifts look and feel great but are also able to get maximum safety and protection at the same time.

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