July 29, 2019



The festivals in warm weather seduce by the freshness of the places and by the fact of changing the terrain. But attending them means reinventing the wardrobe, adapting to the circumstances, leaving behind shawls and evening stockings and taking risks and being creative. If you are invited to a wedding in Cartagena, Anapoima or some destination with high temperatures and little breeze, the first question that comes up is which look will be the most suitable to look and feel good. This designer believes that clothing should be lightweight, with fabrics such as cotton, stretch, silk, and natural fibers. A short dress that enhances the silhouette is best suited for midday or the beach.

In terms of colors, They propose clear colors and, sometimes, prints that evoke nature. Accessories are very important to enhance the design of the dress. As for the shoes, the most appropriate is the indisputable heels, because they are very feminine.

Whether the dress is long or short will depend on the protocol of the invitation. The site and the time are fundamental to define the style that should be worn.

Weddings in warm weather allow a lot of versatility by the use of vaporous garments and with a lot of movement, of different types of length and with printed fabrics.

The proposal includes several alternative looks: relaxed-chic: with drapes, light fabrics and natural materials such as silk; romantic-seductive: dresses in layers of silk chiffon, organza and lace in pastel colors; sweet-feminine: dresses in pastel colors such as lime, pink, pistachio or pale blue and sophisticated-glamorous: dresses in metallic fabrics with pale tones and iridescent perfect for the night.

Before choosing the shoes you should consider if the wedding is on the beach. High heels can be difficult to walk. In accessories, turquoises and corals are an excellent choice.

The designer bases her proposal on comfort and simplicity. For the day it is suggested that materials such as cotton in knee dresses or trousers with wide boots in crepes and fabrics with fall accompanied by shirts with romantic silhouettes with works of manipulation in the fabric.

For the evening, long, fluid dresses with freedom of movement that transmit femininity and comfort. For the day she recommends romantic colors: nude (leather), pink, blush, ivory, sand, and platinum. At night you can use stronger colors such as smoke, red, magenta and black. Fresh and steamy materials such as silk cotton, cotton voile, chiffon, and natural fibers are the most appropriate.

As for accessories, if the dress has a lot of manipulation on the fabric and ornaments, the appropriate are small earrings. If the silhouette is minimalist, the suggestion is an important piece like a bracelet or a necklace with a lot of personalities. As for the shoes, at night high and sophisticated heels should be used and in the day, depending on the height, ballerinas, sandals, flat and open heels or closed Chanel type shoes.

In the opinion of the designers, the warm climate offers a very special type of freshness and elegance. Short dresses are the order of the day unless the invitation requires a long dress. There are also weddings where it is proposed to all guests to attend in white.

For the day and especially for the evening, suggests that are strong tones, cheerful and with prints in lightweight materials and fluid, accompanied by transparencies. The theme of shoes is fundamental. The sandals that show the tip of the toes are quite suitable, from platforms to flat with ankle straps. Whether the dress is long or short is defined by the invitation.

In the case of a Tropical Chic invitation, a long pleated and printed skirt can be an excellent choice.

The designer proposes a relaxed and fluid look of trousers and blouse in lace or guipure or a chiffon dress with a single long shoulder or a short dress with a beautiful back.

The recommended colors are white, beige, aqua blue and silver for the day and black and gold at night in materials such as silk, chiffon, satin, guipure, sequins, shantung, and silk velvet.

When the wedding is informal it suggests that the suit is cocktail and when it is evening or gala (black tie), long. As for shoes, recommend ones with a nude bottom so that the leg extends.

Strong colors such as citrine, magenta, and emerald in materials such as Chiffon, georgette, silk charmeuse are in fashion. Black also fits even in warm weather. The stilettos in sandal are delicate and offer a wonderful choice.

For black tie events, the dress should be long and cover the shoes. If it is guayabera, it can be from a long Chanel half leg or to the ankle. If it is short, the fabric or dress has to be more elaborate to make it look elegant.

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