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Impress Her with These Anniversary Gift Ideas
December 4, 2019

Impress Her with These Anniversary Gift Ideas

Whether you’ve been with a special girl for a while now and you’re closing into your first year of being an official couple, or you’re about to celebrate your first wedding anniversary, you want to give her something special. You want a gift that will surely make her happy, excited, and feel loved even more.

To do this, you have to take some time and effort to think deeper, and this article will help you out in choosing the anniversary gift that will surely impress her.

Should you really buy her an anniversary gift?

Anniversaries are significant milestones in a relationship and that is something special that’s should be celebrated. And one simple way to show your appreciation is through gifts, and the price tag is not really the first consideration in getting one. With our anniversary gift ideas, you don’t have to worry about spending much, because by simply giving meaning and your time into it, is already a precious gift in itself.

It’s the thought that counts

Anniversary gifts need not be too extravagant to be special. Because if it is, you’ll just end up senselessly buying any expensive gifts you just came across without giving much thought about it. The best gifts are well thought and it is a reflection of how you know and value her and one example of a cute and thoughtful gift are couple bobbleheads. These types of anniversary gifts are a  clear indication that you really give her the attention she deserves.

Some things to consider when buying anniversary gifts

Generic gifts won’t simply cut it, and again, giving some thoughts and time to plan is a gesture that can really make her happy. Thus, in choosing an appropriate anniversary gift for her, you may want to consider these options:

Make it romantic

You’re a couple celebrating love, and it’s only proper that you get something romantic. Sure, most men are the least romantic on every relationship, but if there’s a rare occasion that you should be, this has to be it. Gifts like couple bobbleheads are one of many ways to show your romantic side. 

Get inspiration from the anniversary numbers

This is one way to be creative and thoughtful at the same time when choosing an anniversary gift for her. For example, if your anniversary date falls on the premiere night of a broadway show or a movie, book your tickets and surprise her that day. Let’s say it’s your second year together, then you may plan for a 2 nights stay in a hotel resort. 

Avoid Generic Novelty Gifts  

Remember, this is an anniversary gift, so opt out for presents that may be found on a birthday or other similar parties. Have these types of gifts for your friends, and she is something more than them. 

Base your gifts according to her passion

Since you already know her by now, you must have a clear idea of what her interests and passion are. This is one gift idea that will certainly be memorable for her. If she’s a music enthusiast, the perfect gift will be a turntable or a viny record player. 

Give something that’s memorable

As a couple, you must have some memories that are unique for both of you. Your relationship will be stronger if you cherish the time you shared together and one of the best ways to be reminded of it is through gifts. For example, you met on one section of a  book gallery, then get her a special edition of a book under that category. 

Impress her with these gifts

Regardless if you’re already married or still dating, celebrate your anniversary buy giver her gift that can be remembered in your lifetime. We’ve listed here some of the impressive anniversary gift ideas that your significant other will surely appreciate; no matter if it’s only your first or 10 years together. 

Portable Smartphone Photo Printer

Create more memories and don’t just leave them on your smartphone, print them instantly. Get her this gift that turns her smartphone snaps into a tangible high-resolution print. These gadgets kept getting smaller and they’re easy to set up anywhere. 

Scheduled Flower Deliveries

Nothing can go wrong with the traditional and classic bouquet of flowers for a gift, this time, with a twist. Instead of a simple one time gift, why not sign up for a flower delivery service on a specific period on or before your anniversary. You can either start sending her flowers every day for seven days and the last day being your anniversary date. Or a weekly delivery for your whole anniversary month. 

Customized Photo Pillows

This is another way to have your memories remembered, by printing them out to pillow fabrics. You can put your couple photos, vacation pictures, and nicknames, you can do it in several ways. 

Personalized Q and A Daily Journal

Make your romantic life more exciting by giving her a question and answer journal which you can both answer daily. Fill it out daily, for one or more years and once all the pages are filled, you can look back on the memories written in the journal.

Travel Gift Cards

Celebrate your anniversary by getting gift cards for your planned trip. Gift cards give you the freedom to choose your travel dates and destination. Travel gift cards also Offer discounts and promotions that you can take advantage of. 

Fragrance Set

Ladies love to stay fresh all the time, so a fragrance set with items such as perfume soap, lotion, shower gel, and a scented candle will sure be an instant hit. The fragrance set can also fill the entire room with refreshing and fruity scents that will surely do wonders for her well-being.

Customized Bobbleheads

If you want to break out from the traditional items such as chocolates or greeting cards, then you may want to consider getting custom made couple bobbleheads for your lady. Bobbleheads dolls are unique gift anniversary gift ideas; they can represent you as a couple by customizing them plus they’re cute and adorable aw well. She will definitely be impressed by the effort and time that you did to make her happy on your anniversary. 

Anniversary gifts for her may start out simple, and depending on your choice, you can aim for more extravagant things as you spend more years in the relationship. After all, what’s important is to make her happy as you also maintain a healthy relationship. And don’t forget to spend quality time with her, that’s the most valuable gift you can give.

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