Jewel Up Your Winter Wear
February 6, 2019

Jewel Up Your Winter Wear

The chill doesn’t have to cast a shadow on your style. We help you add some bling to your winter wardrobe.

Jewel Up Your Winter Wear

When you think of dressing up for a winter’s day, the focus is often on staying snug and comfy. While it’s vital to get those layers on to keep the chill at bay, there’s nothing that should stop you from glamming up your ensemble. Take a little help from your jewel box, and make your outfit shine!

Add a glitzy punch to that humble turtleneck with your favourite necklace, make your woolen sleeves pop with a studded bracelet or go for flapper era panache by topping your pair of oxford gloves with enviable rocks.

Here’s some celeb inspiration to get you started. So, say goodbye to the winter blues and make it a gem of a season!

Jewel Up Your Winter Wear

Brace Up

So what if you’re wearing full fledged tops and snug-fit sweaters, go for chunky bracelets in shades of gold or bold neon hues to beat winter’s monochrome style mood. You can even take out glass bangles from your mom’s vintage vanity box and colourblock your outfit. We also love the play of silver against a basic, pullover or dress.

Beanie Swag

We all love our beanies and trapper caps to keep away the biting chill, but a true fashionista can’t let the comfy caps weigh down her look. Pick up a pair of signature earrings or oversized hoops to bring in some fun. If you are going for a blush-hued or neutral colour, you can even make your look more dressy by adding a pair of tassle earrings.

Ring Rules

If your heart skips a beat every time you see a dop-waist dress, a gilded fascination, oxford gloves –  you’re a true fan of the roaring 1920’s. To channel hollywood panache, take cue from style icon Marlene Dietrich. If you are going for satin gloves a la the style legend, cover them up with your arour rings or even delicate mild rings.

Neck Wise

For many, turtlenecks, and roll necks are not even an option when stepping out, because frankly, who’d give up on that neckpiece you spent a bomb on, right? Fret not! We’ve got you covered. Take cue from these celebs and top up that high neck with a choker necklace, or pair your woolly with a cascading, waterfall metallic neckpiece. You can even offset an oliver leather jacket with a two tier string of classic pearls to add that unexpected element.

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