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January 11, 2020

Best Travel Trimmer for Stylish Beard

The best beard trimmer ought to keep your facial hair from trying unkempt, properly cutting all the hair when just a few passes.

There are many stuff you ought to think about before shopping for a beard trimmer. After all, totally different individuals have different beards and designs, and you would possibly even be searching for one thing that you just will use for alternative areas of hair, too. Here are many things to stay in mind:

Corded or cordless:

every beard trimmer you run into can constitute one amongst 2 categories: It’ll either be rough or cordless. There are benefits to each. rough trimmers don’t need you to upset or replace batteries, whereas conductor ones don’t need an influence outlet and are a lot of portable.


Beard trimmers usually accompany a spread of attachments, and the way you wish to use your beard trimmer may dictate the attachments you would like. You’ll need to believe however long your beard is, together with whether or not you wish to use the trimmer for hair elsewhere – just like the hair on the highest of your head in your nostrils.


Some individuals choose to do their shaving within the shower to create for a neater cleanup, or to easily wash their trimmer underneath the faucet when shaving. If that’s you, you’ll need to confirm you’re obtaining a water-resistant device.

And, of course, the beard trimmer ought to be safe to use. when analysis and real-life usage, we’ve narrowed down the list of our favorite beard trimmers.

Philips Norelco Series 7200 beard trimmer with vacuum

Beard trimming is untidy. You get clippings in your beard, on your hands, in your sink. This trimmer, however, keeps the method clean whereas additionally keeping your beard tidy and comely. The vacuum head sucks up ninety percent of the hairs that fall from your face, and is straightforward to empty later on. the top additionally adjusts to lengths as short as .5mm if you wish to shear it all off (crank it to 1mm for perma-scruff) and it goes all the thanks to 10mm if you want to keep up a fuller length. Swap within the exactness trimmer for aspect burns or A+ facial-hair shaping.

Andis professional T-Outliner beard and hair trimmer

Ask any barber for his or her favorite beard trimmer, and it’s guaranteed to be Andis. That’s as a result of barbers experience within the details, and Andis provides them some serious hedge-trimming power.

If you wish straight or clean lines on your beard and moustache, simply use this stainless-steel T-trimmer, or shift up the guard for extended maintenance.

Braun MGK3060 beard trimmer

The true all-in-one kit and device, Braun’s inexpensive, high-qual device will do way more than trim your beard. Swap within the nose and ear trimmer, the exactness head, or the longer guards for general repairs. It’s the right, light-weight device to tote in your gymnasium bag or travel dope, providing up to thirteen lengths on a 60-minute charge.

Gillette styler

There’s no shame in not desirous to obtain a rich beard trimmer. In fact, I’d advocate you begin with smaller investment, just in case you’re unsure of however long you’ll be displaying your violent face fur. For this, King Camp Gilette has answered the call: its reliable, all-in-one detailer will trim to four totally different lengths, otherwise you will swap during a Fusion5 blade for a skin-tight shave. The waterproof device is that the best discount of the bunch. you’ll not got to upgrade to the opposite 3 in spite of everything.

Wahl micro groomsman personal trimmer

This little pen isn’t such a lot a beard trimmer because it could be a detailer: It snips those strays, cleans up the perimeter of your beard lines, and even snips away at stray eyebrows and nose hairs. For simply nine bucks, there’s no reason you must have it in your dope kit, then place it to use each few mornings to remain on prime of the finer details.

Bevel Trimmer with square blade

Bevel’s ergo-dynamic trimmer took home the GQ Grooming Award for Best Trimmer a handful years back, and it’s still within the prime tier. It’ll offer you a clean, barber-caliber line-up on the cheeks, burns, mustache, and neck. It’s your go-to device for neck cleanups too: Steady-handed better half or succor not enclosed.

Panasonic ER-SB40-K trimmer

We known as it the most effective beard trimmer for your body too, since Panasonic’s trimmer has nineteen totally different settings and cuts at a banging 9,800 cuts per minute. (Take that, pubes!) whereas its wide-tooth head can be but ideal for your balls, it’s particularly equipped for chest, groin, and back hair, and in fact for your coarse whiskers, too.

Andis Styliner Shave ‘N Trim

For 15 bucks, you’ll get the barbershop-favorite Andis’ on-the-go trimmer. It’s a straightforward suitable short shuck or a skin-tight shave, and will thus while not frills. It’s got one adjustable head, improvement brushes and resolution, and it takes two AA batteries to induce the task done. It you’re low maintenance and aren’t shaving or trimming each alternative day, or if you would like a backup trimmer that’s easier to tote (and as reliable because the costlier ones), then keep Andis within the bullpen.

Panasonic Travel Shaver

Panasonic’s travel shaver is ideal for after you want a fast neck trim reception or on the go. It hits all the angles with its essential, single-blade head. It’s simple to scrub (and waterproof within the process), it’s the tiniest of the bunch (it runs on AA batteries). despite that main trimmer you decide on, you must have an emergencies-only, inexpensive shaver to be had. It’s the best to move, the smallest amount big-ticket, and reliable for bit ups and full shaves alike.

Braun Proskin Series 3 ProSkin 3040s electric shaver

It’s arduous to search out a reasonable, reliable razor, since they usually value $200 or a lot of. Braun’s ProSkin Series 3 shaver hits the proper cross section of cheap and top quality, though: It’s got a triple-action cutter below its 2 swish foil heads, with a middle trimmer to assist guarantee an in depth, even shave. Shave wet or dry—with shave cream or while not, within the shower or out. The one catch is that it takes batteries, whereas the more expensive picks are reversible. simply use the enclosed reversible batteries; that’s primarily identical, isn’t it?

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