Chopta-Chandra Shila trek- A wonderful delight in the lap of Himalayas, Ethnic Oyster
January 11, 2020

Chopta-Chandra Shila trek- A wonderful delight in the lap of Himalayas

Situated at the glorious Garwhal region of the Indian state of Uttarakhand, Chopta valley is known for sky-scraping views of the great Himalayas. The famous Chopta valley has religious importance. You will get to visit Chandra Shila and Tungnath on your way there. Tungnath is the highest temple that belongs to the Hindu Lord Shiva and situated at an altitude of 13100 feet from sea level.

Chopta-Chandra Shila trek- A wonderful delight in the lap of Himalayas, Ethnic Oyster

Chandra Shila is 12000 feet above the sea level and known for its natural beauty. From both Chandra Shila and Tungnath temple, you become evident of 5 mesmerizing peaks which are Nanda Devi, Trishul, Kedar Peak, Chau Khamba and Bandarpoonch.

Chopta valley is one of the most exciting and thrilling trails which gives a chance to explore Deori Tal, Chopta, Tungnath, and Chandra Shila summit. It is a year-round trek. The special thing about Chopta valley is the level of thrill, fun, and excitement.

Activities to Do while doing this trek-

The main activity on this route is trekking obviously apart from it you can do other activities also. Like- Bird Watching, Camping, Wild animals’ photography, astrophotography, nature’s photography, camping, etc.

Bird Watching– One of the specialties of this trek is bird watching. During trekking, you will have the chance to see various species of Himalayan birds like Monal. You might get a sight of musk as well.

Camping-  Another topmost activity is camping where it will be an incredible experience to do it under the clear blue sky during the day and under a sky full of stars during the night.

Photography- There is not a better place than this for the shutterbugs where they can quench the thirst of photography as much as possible all kinds of views are available at this trek like the view of forest, mountains, birds & wild animals.

What is special about Chandrashila Trek

The special thing Chandrashila trek is that it is accessible all year. This trek is for each age group. The most popular seasons are autumn and winter, the ideal duration is 4 days and it can be covered in 5-6 days also. The difficulty level of the trek is moderate and it stands at an altitude of 12100 feet.

How to reach

By Air: The nearest airport is to Sari Village is Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest airport which is 21km and it takes 6.5 hours to reach.

By Road: Private and government buses are available from Haridwar to Chopta. You can opt for your own vehicle as well.

By RAIL: Haridwar railway station is considered the nearest railway station which is well connected by all the major cities, buses and cabs are easily available to reach Sari village from Haridwar.

Do’s and Don’ts for the trek


  • Keep your surroundings clean.
  • Respect the local culture and traditions.
  • Use reusable items such as reusable plastic bags and bottles.
  • Use eco-friendly products
  • Take your waste back, then throwing around; it’s our responsibility to keep our surroundings clean.
  • Wear comfortable trekking clothes to avoid jeans and body fitting clothes.


  • Do not overpack your bags
  • Do not make fun of the locals
  • Do not consume anything carelessly, watch what you are eating.
  • Do not pollute water or throw any waste into it.
  • Do not waste anything, take things according to your needs rather than wasting.
  • Do not create noise, it disturbs the local people, birds, and other species.
  • Do not take any medicine without consulting to doctor.
  • Do not roam around on your own. Follow the instructions of the group leader

Things to Pack for the Trek to Chopta Valley

  1. Thermal inner wears and Thermal inner pants
  2. Comfortable trekking pants and t-shirts
  3. Fleece jacket and Down jacket
  4. Waterproof windbreaker
  5. Pair of woolen socks and gloves
  6. Warm hat and Sun cap
  7. Sunglasses and sunscreen
  8. Portable charger and Power bank and Camera with extra batteries
  9. Toiletries like- A small bottle of shampoo, Facial mist, Moisturizer, Toothpaste,  toothbrush, Lip balm, paper soap, comb and hand, and face wipes
  10. Sleeping bag and tent and mattress
  11. Trekking shoes and trekking pole
  12. First aid box with all the necessary medicines
  13. Filterable waterbottle
  14. Hot water bag

Necessary Medicines to Carry for a trip to Chopta Valley







-Gauze cloth



-Betadine or any antiseptic cream


-Moov spray.

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