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January 16, 2020

Complete Guidelines on Wiring Your House

While working on the home electrical system, it could be really confusing and sometimes lead to many complex encountering with systems (only when you are totally naive in this field and has no knowledge on electrical wiring). There’s nothing wrong to learn about the home wiring systems as it will give you enough confidence in handling the electrical works when nothing is working fine.

Wiring your own house is not that of a techy part but some areas are restricted with this action. However, a proper steps have to be taken when you attempt it for the first time. You can also call a highly recommended electrician London to get the electrical work done as they are much safer around your home. They don’t allow the homeowners to deal with electricity stuff for the fear of firing. However, if you follow the guidelines of licensed electrician, you can actually wire your own house with audacity.

That’s why we have bought some proper guidelines for you which will help you in tracing what you need to do and how you should be doing it. Follow them carefully and let your house be wrapped up in full security.

Making a diagram to have a clear picture

Working haphazardly won’t help you in organizing your work especially when it comes to wiring. You must prepare a full diagram of the breaker boxes and the location of each outlet. This will help you in mapping out how you have to proceed with the work.

Installation of the conduits

Take the longest wire first in order to save from the excessive wastage in walls. Take each wire and start fixing it from the upstairs and then pulling it down to the basement. This will help in preventing the wires to be pushed between floors by using a ladder. Make sure you have left some of the portion of the wiring at each end. This will help you in future when you need to shift things around your home.

Count the outlet

You have to make a complete list on how many outlets have to be made and how many switches will be running on each circuit. In a living area, you can have a six outlet per 110 voltage circuit. In many cases, 2 per circuit has been the standard unit for the kitchen. This happens where you have the most appliances which are eating up the wattage. If you aren’t understanding what’s happening, call for a registered electrician in London and don’t try to fix it anyway.

Know before drilling

If you are making any holes into the wall, make sure you know the proper location of the wirings. This might create an accident if you have no idea about the location of the electrical wiring running through your home. Make sure you only drill holes with a 1 inch bit gap where your wires will be travelling. The safety of your home depends on the number of outlets you have.

Setting a breaker

Breaker box will help you in accessing all the electrical works in the future. If you choose a place for the breaker box in the basement or utility room then it will be best.

Pulling wires to the outlets

Take a roll of wire and place it next to the breaker box. Now pull the wire as per the diagram and take it close to the outlet. You are also allowed to run the wire from the outlet itself, do as per your convenience. If the wire is sticking out of the box, it can get a dry walled. If you see any outer plastic coating coming out from the end of the wire, remove it with a wire stripper. Make sure you go through every instruction before attempting it straight.

Installing circuits

Now is the time to install the circuits in each individual wiring set. Make sure that the circuits are matching up with the amperage of the wire. Wiring your house is a pretty easy task but you have to be careful in what you are doing. When in doubt, you can always find an expert Electric Works London to get in touch with you anytime.

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