Most interesting careers in the Fashion Industry
March 8, 2019

Most interesting careers in the Fashion Industry

Most interesting careers in the Fashion Industry

Are you someone who loves the glam world? Do you think the glam world is now an inseparable part of your daily routine? Do you love it enough to make a career in the very field? If so, here’s your guide of some of the most interesting careers in the field of fashion that you can pursue.

  1. Costume Designer

The costume designers are the ones who create personalized styles for their clients. It could be celebrities and stars or their own clients. They are generally responsible for creating styles that are unique while they take care of the budget constraints, personality and the latest trends.  Depending upon the complexity of the project, they design articles from scratch or form designs from the existing wardrobe in order to bring out unique and interesting combinations.

  1. Design Assistant

Design Assistants are seen working closely with an atelier, while the fashion designers are generally focusing on everything else. The job could be sewing garments, designing and following patterns, fitting models, sourcing fabrics, tracking samples and trades, supervising the production workers and managing the studio while you take care of the end-to-end operations.

  1. Editorial Assistant

This is one job that requires great organizational skills. One also has to be an avid communicator. An Editorial Assistant is involved in a lot of scheduling and is required to work crazy hours. To be able to witness a fashion magazine in its making from end to end is a good opportunity one must not let go off.

  1. Fashion Journalist

Journalism pertaining to the Fashion world is a Fashion Journalists job. If you can manage good coverage of important happenings in the Fashion industry, if you can write fashion blogs or publish related articles in magazines, if you can provide fashion criticism, if you can cover a Fashion Week, there is no reason why you cannot be successful in this field.

  1. Fashion Publicist

Everything relating to the brand and its image is important for a Fashion Publicist. They network extensively with stars, fashion journalists and editors to promote their brands by ensuring that their brand is featured in movies and television shows. The sole purpose behind this rapport building is to publicize their brand. They maintain a list of invitees to a particular event, look after the seating arrangements and supervise the news releases.

  1. Fit Model

Fit Models possess the right measurements. They walk up the ramp and manage to bag assignments into a lot of commercials too. A lot of manufacturers and designers of various brands prefer testing their outfits on Fit Models before launching them in the fashion world.

  1. Hair Stylist

Hair Stylists are plenty however you have to be lucky to be a Hair Stylist for an Editorial or for a dedicated celebrity. Hair Stylists work in sync with the makeup artists to create a look for the models in fashion magazines or advertisements. They get the hair of the models ready before the photo shoot such that it matches the theme of the shoot or the media for which it is shooting. If you have it in you to play artistically with someone’s hair, you are on the right path.

  1. Makeup Artist

Similar to Hair Stylists, Makeup Artists also work for editorials, celebrities or designers. They collaborate with the hair stylists and others involved to give the brand they are associated with a synergetic look. To be successful in this job one needs to have an eye for detail and creativity. Every stroke on the face should match with the outfit, the brand and the overall ambience of the shooting location.

While the scope in the fashion industry is vast; to be successful in this field one needs to be a great networker and must possess a creative streak. Backing yourself with a pertinent qualification is advisable too. To learn more about which programs are available to get an entry to the fashion world and which programs suit you the best contact Leverage Edu.

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