Putting Together the Perfect Bridal Trousseau
June 18, 2018

Marriage is one of the biggest events for humankind… the beginning of a magnificent journey…. a true turning point of life! And before the D-Day, every to-be bride has a long list of wedding preparations to look into.

Putting Together the Perfect Bridal Trousseau

One of the most important aspects for a bride is putting together a complete bridal trousseau. And we, at Ethnic Oyster, are happy to help you get it absolutely right! Listed below are some of the tips for all prospective brides:

Outfits: Make sure you have a balance of outfits which can work for different occasions… You need a mix of heavy and light outfits (formals and casuals), as well as Indian and western.

Make sure you have a variety of colours in your trousseau – beautiful reds, pinks, yellows, greens, blues, orange and gold are some of the colours which work well for a new bride, as you would need new clothes at every junction, at least for the first couple of months.

Do make individual sets of each outfit and pack them neatly so that they don’t get tussled and wrinkled by the time you need to wear them.

Nightwear: Fresh lingerie deserves special importance in a bride’s trousseau. Do pack a handful of variables, a balanced mix of comfort and sensuality, an assortment of appealing colours, and some quirky stuff to blow your husband’s mind away!

And don’t forget to pack some fresh pyjama sets and a nightgown with a housecoat so that you are presentable at all times in front of other family members.

Jewellery: A bridal trousseau can never be complete until it holds some precious jewels within it. Some heirloom pieces, your favourite ring, the maangtika, those pretty anklets, the majestic Kundan-Meena set, the subtle pearl set, the pair of diamond solitaires… yes, all these and some more…!

Make sure you have a sufficient variety of bangles, earrings and light costume jewellery for different occasions as well. Pack your jewellery in boxes or cases, and store your bangles in a good bangle box to keep from breaking.

Footwear and Handbags: Your trousseau should have all the basic sets of footwear – silver and golden heels, a flat pair of sandals, black pumps, bathroom slippers and a comfortable walking shoe.

Make sure you also buy a good roomy handbag, a spacious wallet, and an assortment of clutch purses for different occasions.

Make-up: No woman considers herself complete until she has her makeup in place.

One of the most vital essentials for a bride is, of course, her entire make-up kit, packed to the tiniest detail. Buy good brands, with enough shades of eyeshadow and lipsticks to match all your new outfits.

Linen & Toiletries:  Do buy a clean set of towels (bath towel, hand towel, face towel), along with a fresh set of sheets and pillowcases to add to your trousseau as well. And don’t forget to buy a set of new toiletries as well!

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