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The Amazing Health Rewards of Salt Lamps and the Reasons to Keep Them at Home
December 4, 2019

The Amazing Health Rewards of Salt Lamps and the Reasons to Keep Them at Home

These days, more and more families are keeping their rooms with salt lamps for some reasons. Well, the mesmerising glow of these salt lamps is probably one of the factors that helped gain its massive popularity. But far beyond their aesthetic functionalities are additional health rewards that occupants can enjoy. 

What exactly are salt lamps? 

Crystal carved from amber-coloured rock salt, Himalayan salt lamps are equipped with a light bulb inside, providing natural light, warming effect, and a soothing aroma when you light them up. It is believed that the salt in this lamp comes from the mountain of the Himalayas which can be found across Pakistan, India, Bhutan, and Nepal. 

With the glaring popularity of salt lamps as stylish home accessories and wellness aid, consumers may find several phoney products that try to replicate the actual appearance of salt lamps but not much of their functionalities so be very careful when purchasing this item. Experts say that a true Himalayan salt lamp is fragile while forfeited ones are hard to break. Real versions also give out a dim lighting effect.  

The Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

  • Enhance Overall Breathing

Your electronic devices at home including mobile phone, televisions, and computers emit positive ions to which bodies can be exposed despite that these ions are not visible. Too much exposure to positive ions may cause long-term health issues that weaken the immune system and decrease cilial activity that causes difficulty in breathing. Several studies believe that salt lamps give out negative ions that protect the body by filtering foreign particles and keeping the lungs clean.  

  • Fight Symptoms of Caugh and Common Colds

In connection to the previous benefit, the negative ions that salt lamps emit can protect the lungs from airborne germs by purifying the air you breathe. This way helps prevent the advancement of coughing, sneezing, sore throat, and other minor symptoms of common colds.

  • Soothe Allergies and Reduce Asthma 

The notion that negative ions may protect the lungs and improve breathing has led to further studies that salt lamps might also relieve other related symptoms of allergies and somehow reduce asthma. Though there is no adequate evidence that salt lamps can alleviate asthma, the fact that they purify the air and block foreign particles somehow makes the lamp beneficial to sufferers of asthma.

  • Boost Blood Flow

Some studies also suggest that the negative ions from salt lamps may boost the flow of blood and help prevent or improve several vascular and respiratory diseases. 

  • Promote Relaxation

It is believed that negative ions increase the energy levels of the body, which yields to a rejuvenating and refreshing effect that can be achieved when you try to connect with nature. Aside from producing natural light, the soft light in hues of Himalayan salt lamps that often come in pink and ambient orange can actually help reduce stress and promote relaxation, balancing the physical, emotional, and spiritual energies of the body.   

  • Improve Sleep 

Too much exposure to positive ions may also affect the blood and oxygen supply in the brain, causing irregularities in sleeping patterns. The negative ions produced by salt lamps can create a reversing effect, making them an efficient sleep aid that helps prevent insomnia.  

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