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August 13, 2019



With the advent of social media, especially YouTube and Instagram, the popularity of fashion trends has grown immensely. Gone are the days when you have to search for most iconic personality, today everyone is iconic in itself. Punctuated looks, branded makeup, trendy accessories, and expensive footwear, is what every girl aspires to have in order to create her own style statement.

Nevertheless, it’s good to have them all but these are not essentials. For being a fashionista all you need is sheer confidence and follow a few tricks and tips. Here we have curated a few tips to help you look like your favorite fashion blogger or celebrity without breaking the bank.

Know your Style

First things first, before starting with what all you should wear and what all you should discard, find your own style. Every girl has her own style which makes her look different from others. You might have a Bohemian personality or of a girl next door, you have to just figure out your own style and types of clothes that compliment your body structure.

There are times when we like a certain style and try to imitate it but fail in achieving the desired look. Have you ever thought why does it happen? The person you are imitating has a different body type, she might be tall or not that tall like you. So it’s crucial to know your style and body structure.

Go for Minimal Make-Up

The no make-make up look has become a rage! By now you must have seen hundreds of tutorials teaching you how to get this look. The minimal make-up look speaks volumes! It gives you a presentable and flawless look. Remember, makeup can either make or break your look! So invest in makeup products wisely. You do not have to put a hole in your pocket. Simply, look for the makeup essentials that you would require.

Do not forget your hair. You can try hands-on different hairstyles, depending on your hair texture and hair length, but when it comes to look, gracious that too in a jiffy, go for a sleek blow-dried hairstyle, it will give you an instant rich look.

Invest in Perfect Pair of Lingerie

What most fashionistas know and we don’t is the importance of correct lingerie. It’s necessary to select apt lingerie for each dress. Moreover, you should definitely pay heed to the quality and size of the undergarments you are going to wear. Though there is no thumb rule for anything, having said that, you need to follow a few do’s and don’ts to like a fashionista.

Your innerwear shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Make sure the seam of the bra or panty lines is not visible. Moreover, avoid pairing white bra with a white top, shirt or dress, instead go for neutrals. That will give you a sheek and elegant look. Make sure your bra gives an optimum coverage that you require otherwise it might not look classy. Also, there are myriad of lingerie styles available on online stores, you can pick the one that suits your dress.

Do not Over Accessorise

In wake to create a statement look, do not go overboard with your accessories. Here is a small tip for you- invest in a versatile piece of accessories that goes well with most of your dresses. You do not have to splurge on branded accessories. All you have to do is style yourself smartly.

A pair of white sneakers, trendy glasses, pointed heals ethnic flats; a trendy handbag and a sling bag are few essential that will help you don numerous looks.  Colors like deep burgundy, navy blue and black are trendy yet versatile, and these colors will go with your most of the dresses.

Another pro tip- Ensure you do not wear too much jewelry. Remember minimalism is the key! Girls, who like wearing danglers, can ditch their neckpieces and instead wear statement rings. Similarly, bracelets can be paired with a nice neckpiece. You can even wear your watch as an accessory. The idea is to get a sharp and neat look!

Own a Few Classics

Like accessories, a few staple piece of clothing will do for you. There are few essentials which could be the foundation of a classic wardrobe. These are a nice pair of denim, denim jacket, and trench coat, white t-shirt, long kurta, silk blouse, leather belt, a blazer, silk scarf, LBD, midi skirt, turtle and a neck tee. You can make a few additions to this list, depending on your style and type of clothes you want to wear. You can head to Reliance for online shopping. From denim, shirts, tees, coats, the online platform has it all. You can use Reliance Trends offers today to save your money.

These pieces are enough to create any look and these come handy throughout the year. You can mix-match these pieces and create and become your own fashionista who do not need truckloads of clothes to show off!

Invest in Quality over Quantity

As said above you do not need dozens of clothes to mimic your ideal fashionista. Invest in quality products and clothes that are worth investing. For example, you need not have too many denim; single quality denim that fits you perfectly is only you need. Similarly, emphasize on the detailing of each cloth.

The buttons and zips should be correctly placed and the dress shouldn’t be too loose or tight to you. Fabrics like linen and satin are comfortable and give a luxurious look. Nonetheless, nothing would work on you if you will not have the confidence of carrying a particular look.

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