Top 10 Styling Hacks For Short Girls
July 27, 2018

Top 10 Styling Hacks For Short Girls

Style Tip No 1: Say yes to high waisted bottoms as it gives an illusion for a taller frame. So you can go for tucked-in shirts with that or crop tops.

Style Tip No 2: If you want to wear wide palazzos, then wear heels with it because palazzos cover the heels and give a kin illusion of a taller frame. So wear wide palazzos with heels. If you are not heels person then go for narrow bottoms like cigarette pants or straight pants. They look better than wide palazzos

Style Tip No 3: Wear A-line flowy kurtas than normal Kurtis which just cuts the frame and make you look shorter. So wear A-line Kurtis which are continuously flowing from top to bottom.

Style Tip No 4: Wear V neckline tops rather than closed round tops as they will make you look taller. You can go for V neck Kurtis in ethnic wear or tops in westerns.

Style Tip No 5: Vertically striped pattern bottoms such as pants or cullotes draw all your attention to legs which look longer in size that makes the whole frame longer

Style Tip No 6: Nude or pointed heels are best for you that matches your skin tone as it will make you look longer and will also help you look taller.

Style Tip No 7: Wear solid combinations instead prints like solid tops with solid bottoms rather than prints. Monotone patterns like black on black combination with black pants with black tops or black kurtas with black palazzos, pink kurta with pink palazzos. This solid on the solid combination and that too in the same colour will make you look longer. So go for solids than prints.

Style Tip No 8: Wear high bun hairstyle. It definitely ads inches to the whole frame. So high bun will help you look taller.

Style Tip No 9: Take photos not from the front but from a low angle. The more you take the picture from down, the taller your whole frame will look.

Style Tip No 10: Wear a thin waist belt as this will really lengthen your legs and opt for sling bag or smaller handbags instead of a gigantic shoulder bag. It doesn’t really work well in terms of proportion for someone who is a pity. So ditch big size bag !!

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