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Top 5 Flowers That Speak Your Love More Than Words
December 4, 2019

Top 5 Flowers That Speak Your Love More Than Words

Blooming flowers entail beauty! The magical fragrance of flowers can leave anyone astounded. It’s a gift that nature has bestowed on us, and we are overwhelmed for it. There are various assortments of flowers having different colors, magical fragrance, and immense power to attract someone!

You might have seen people preferring online flower delivery in Ghaziabad to gift their close ones a wonderful bouquet. It’s just because blooms hold a great significance in life. That’s why it is offered to God during prayers. There are many occasions that demand the existence of enthralling flowers. For instance, a bouquet is presented as a token of love on Valentine’s day, a bunch for consoling someone who is going through a tough time, a basket to eradicate the morning blues. 

Flowers are often considered to express the emotions of the heart. They complete your words whenever you feel shy or short of words. And if you are the one, who is seeking the right flowers to speak your heart out in front of your close ones, then here are some gorgeous flowers that can assist you in expressing your emotions or sentiments.  


The absolute icon of an emblem of love for centuries! Roses are an interpreter for all your emotions and festivities. They are popularly known for their beauty, fragrance, and color. Red color depicts pure color, yellow color showcase friendship, white describe divinity; green represents youthfulness, pink exudes new beginning. Therefore, you can pick the bouquet as per your preference to express love and care for any relation.


Tulips are a declaration of pure love! Red tulips for endless love, white tulips are for forgiveness. Yellow for appreciation, bright petals for beauty, and pink for maternal love. Love in every color. The feeling of love is a bit crazy when you start to feel for someone. And to express those feelings, tulips are the best blooms to represent to let them know your emotions. The dainty bunch oozing sublime fragrance is sure to make your loved one feel even more special.


Listed in most beautiful flowers, Orchids are most highly coveted of ornamental plants, exotic, delicate, and graceful. Since the 1800s, Orchids have also come to represent love, beauty, strength, luxury, and also were associated with virility. There are several variations and colors to choose from, almost every color of the rainbow, which symbolizes love, luck, and hope. Wherever you wander for the right to make your dear one happier or wish them luck, choose Orchids. 


Sunflower is the symbol of the Sun that symbolizes admiration, energy, positivity, and happiness. They are one of the best flowers to show your dear one loyalty and friendship for a long time. As its the meaning of happiness, thus this flower is the best gift to your near and dear ones happier and ideal to bring joy to their lives. Moreover, you can get a gorgeous arrangement of Sunflower at a florist in Ghaziabad with home delivery services.


These lovely ruffled blooms are a little less romantic gesture than gorgeous roses. The carnations represent fascination, which is the best idea to present at first date or casual romantic event. Where red carnations convey adoration and admiration, the dark red carnations articulate and affection, and profound feelings of deep love. White represents purity and good luck, while carnations symbolize regret, whereas the pink carnation became the symbol of undying love of a mother. So, you can pick them to show your love and devotion to your precious ones.

Say everything you wish to say to your beloved in the language of gorgeous flowers and make them fall in love with you all over again. They are like our best friends without them; life can be difficult. Here we mentioned some flowers above and hope this article will help you make your relations healthier and stronger. And who want to surprise their loved ones residing in Ghaziabad can order flowers online Ghaziabad without any hassle. Now you knew how flowers speak more than words, so whenever you present any gift to your beloved, don’t forget to add flowers.

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