Use of Denim in Latest Fashion
October 10, 2019

Use of Denim in Latest Fashion

Nearly 2.3 billion jeans are sold worldwide each year, or 73 per second. Today, there are about seven jeans per person and Levi’s, the market’s leading brand, has sold more than $4 billion since its creation. Starting out as a simple uniform, it has become over time THE ESSENTIAL BASIC of all locker rooms. Jeans are one of the few clothes to cross the generations. Jeans, it is also over the years a certain idea of ​​freedom; a “democratic” subject that has been able to dress all social classes and become a fashion icon. For over a century, jeans have punctuated our daily lives. In the street, on the screen, on stage or on the catwalks, it is omnipresent.

Jean Culture

From the 1930s, the growing success of westerns popularized jeans and the influence of stars such as John Wayne quickly make it a must. The jeans lose their status of blue work to become fashionable clothing. Proof of this is the cover of the 1935 American Vogue on which two women wear a Levi’s with the title: “True Western chic was invented by cowboys / the real chic of the West was invented by the cowboys”. Brands like Wrangler, at the time, offer collections inspired by the cowboy look, riding the Far West trend.

In the 1950s, Hollywood continued the promotion of jeans thanks to iconic actors like James Dean or Marilyn Monroe who take it to the city as on screen. Jeans are synonymous with youth and emancipation. Lee Cooper, British label founded in 1908, created at that time the first women’s zipper fly jeans. Before that date, the feminine denim, the “Lady Levi’s”, was only equipped with a zip on the side. Jeans become symbols of equality, freedom and provocation.

Jeans Fashion Nowadays

In the 1980s / 90s, wearing 7 / 8th jeans would have exposed you to the mockery of the “floor fire” genre. Today, this length just above the ankles has become the new fashion. And the good news is that the 7 / 8th is the kind to sublimate all morphologies, whether thin, big, small or round. This length is part of fashion tricks to cheat with his body, neither seen nor known as pay someone to do my assignment.

It has buttons instead of the zipper: better, buttons that show! In short, it is buttoned and is not ashamed to be. In other words, if you adopt it, do not hide your buttons under a tunic, a blouse or a sweater a little too long. Choose a little cropped top or have them blouse inside the waistband of your jeans. Cool effect guaranteed.

It has small slits at the hem: it is the discreet detail that signs the jeans of the summer. It is simple, if the jeans do not already have a length of 7 / 8th, or an extra wide cut or tapered edges, it is likely to have these small side slits that lighten the lower leg and allow you to wear your jeans with lots of different shoes: sneakers boots to the hooves (which the summer of 2019 could be finally their comeback) and sneakers.

It has a very visible belt that is knotted: this is called the “paper bag”. This form of pants benefits from the return to high-waisted jeans after the tidal wave of low sizes, whose fashion is beautiful, is over. The paper bag is the artiest version of high-waisted jeans with a touch 80’s that should appeal to all nostalgic.

It is white or “raw”: incredible, but it is the jean that goes up. Be careful, its color is risky when you have some curves, even minimal. But there is no better than his white canvas for summer with a pair of sneakers … or neo western with a pair of mini santiags. The tye & dye canvases jeans are easier to wear on a daily basis and to mix-match with the rest of your wardrobe.

Jeans has a latest trend of Pinroll. It is a trend that is spreading everywhere, whether it is among young people or on many advertisements for shoes. The Pinroll is simply a hem revealing the ankles. Realized due to a very particular technique, it is very appreciated by the amateurs of sneakers.

Indeed, it refines the long legs, and enlarges those who are less. However, if your legs are really small, this hem could pack your figure. In addition, the pinroll can be used whatever your style. You can choose as much a casual, trendy look as street wear.

Nevertheless, it is not advisable to make it on too sophisticated outfits. It adapts especially to everyday clothes. For this, opt for jeans rolled up with sneakers, or with the chino of your choice. Avoid slim or skinny pants that are too tight and too tight for a hem. Then you can choose pants with high or normal size, according to your preferences.

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