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May 24, 2019


Since early times bridal jewellery has always been the sealing mark, bridal jewellery enhances allure to the bride’s aura and forms an important part of her wedding trousseau. Gifts are given to a bride as bridal jewellery is the tangible mark of intangible social relationships, the ideas, values and the persona of the people involved.

In every age of Indian society, precious jewels have been the most commonly chosen preferential gifts given to the bride by near and dear ones. On special moments, giving a jewel as a gift has conventionally followed the practice to show the importance and eternal value of the occasion to celebrate.

Traditional Indian Jewellery designs landscape is shifting fast towards newer kinds of jewellery diamond, gemstone, pearl-based so also platinum from only pure gold jewellery. The prominent traditional Indian designs are now available in a more modern avatar in platinum & diamond and can be gifted as bridal jewellery sets.

Platinum jewellery that you can gift to a bride:

  • Platinum Bangles

Platinum is eternal and each piece is a reflection of fulfilment. It does not fade or tarnishes with time even after performing daily chores while wearing it. Gifting platinum bangles in place of gold bangles is a perfect choice for everyday wear as platinum is more enduring than gold in its pure form owing to being denser. Platinum bangle designs are available in both traditional and elegant contemporary designs. Simple yet stylish platinum bangle designs come with the diamonds embedded in it.

  • Platinum Bracelets

Women have a special taste for bracelets because it’s the most beautiful piece of jewellery that is convenient and trendy. If you are planning to buy entire bridal jewellery set or want to gift only a bracelet, platinum bracelets can be the best fit for today’s women who play multiple roles in her daily life. Platinum bracelets can be worn with traditional Indian dresses as well as with modern attires. Platinum bracelets is a better bet than white gold bracelets as it will not lose its lustre or natural white colour in spite of everyday wear.

Elegant and stylish, platinum bracelets should never be missing from bridal jewellery set. Use it with thin bangles or wear them alone. Minimal jewellery makes a great style statement. So, gift her the one you love.

Image Source: The Wedding Brigade

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