What's Your Sari Story
May 17, 2018

What’s your Sari Story?

Are you a vintage dame with couture in your closet, or the geek Goddess draped in a handwover beauty? Find your sari persona

The sari has gone through a style revolution. From the humble floral chiffon passed through generations to bejewelled drapes that would set you back by lakhs of rupees. From wearing them like your mom to DIY-ing with T shirt blouses and denims under your drape. And, from making an occasion out of buying your first drapw, to swiping your credit card for a couture buy off the internet-the sari has indeed come a long way, with the journey studded by many trendsetters. But, did you ever wonder what your choice of drape says about you?

We put under focus, five sari afficionados and decode their drape personality to help you fiind yours.

Geek Go-GetterKiran Rao - Geek Go-Getter

A potupurri of paisleys, ikat and block prints, minimalist patterns and all of this sans showy embroidery – the sari here makes a loud statement, without creating any noise. Warm khadis, cottons,indeginous handloom textiles – the sari becomes a symbol of simplistic chic. Filmmaker Kiran Rao has made a business of looking good in her Geek drape avatar, complete with signature black rimmed spectacles. You are definitely the nerd who does niche if your sari pick matches that of Kiran’s!

Vintage DamesDeepika Padukone-Vintage Dames

Powder Pastels, romantic rose golds and pale minimalism, adorned generously with couture perfect gemstones and all that shimmers, without being OTT-Deepika defines the vintage loving dame perfectly. These are drapes right out of cinemascope adorned movie scene, with blue blooded expensive taste. If you are an avid collector of lust worthy vintage whimsy, you are definitely on the Padukone team when it comes to your sari personality.

Chammak Challo ChicShilpa Shetty-Chammak Challo chic

If you have enviable mid section, join the Shetty style sorority. The actor lost he baby weight in record time, and continues to show off her devil may care attitude with low slung, colourful sari picks that are full of life with unapologetic embroideries, threadwork and more. We are not saying we love them all, nut Shilpa does embody women whol like to keep all eyes on themselves with their style. She’s your woman if the sari for you is all about having some fun.

Re-InventorsSonam Kapoor - Re-Inventors

By now, we have almost seen it all when it comes to the revamped sari. From prints that range your childhood love for pacman to those which make something as monotonous as table fan look super chic. The print style apart, there’s the half sari, the infamous sari gown and even the daring pants under the sari trend – and we have lovers of each championing the modern take on the signature ethnic wear. Actor and Bollywood’s fave fashionista, Sonam Kapoor, has to be your go to inspiration, when it comes to being the harbinger of style loved by young sari lovers. And minimalism is what makes her picks top style charts. If you’re a clutter breaker too, you are on Sonam’s style side.

Traditional ChampVidya Balan - Traditional Champ

She might be slammed for her sartorial choices more often than not but there’s no denying that actor Vidya Balan has a closet full of traditional gems. From glitzy Kanjivarams and delicate raw silk to woven varieties of all kinds – timelessness seems to be embedded in her style DNA. Styling might be an entirely different ballgame, which Vidya seems to often falter, but if you also get starry eyed when you see such traditionsl beauties, you are definitely a part of Vidya’s sari club.

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