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Why One Should Buy Disposable Coloured Contact Lenses
November 25, 2019

Why One Should Buy Disposable Coloured Contact Lenses

 Why One Should Buy Daily Disposable Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured contact lenses are simply amazing. They have made fashion and lifestyle so much easier for all of us. Because of these coloured lenses, we have the option of enhancing the natural colour of our eyes to look more beautiful and the best part is that these coloured contact lenses are so affordable that anyone of us can purchase them. So if you are wondering where to get cheap coloured contacts, you don’t need to worry about that. Because you can get the best-coloured contact lenses at from all the best online stores and brands.

Talking about coloured contact lenses, did you know that when it comes to the types of coloured contact lenses daily disposable contacts are the most popular? The daily disposable is the trend right now and they provide extreme convenience in every way.
These lenses are called daily disposable because they can only be used once a day. You take out a fresh new pair, use them for the whole day and once you are done using them just dispose of them. They are only good for one-time use. Want to know why that is beneficial for you? Let’s discuss that

Why can’t we use coloured contact lenses for as long as we want? 

Coloured contact lenses or any contact lenses for that matter have an expiry date and they cannot be used longer than that period. It is because these lenses are made of delicate materials. In your eyes, they are exposed to your tears that contain minerals and proteins that slowly deposit on the lens. Yes, there is a cleaning method, but with time the lenses are left no longer in the condition to be used as eyewear. It can damage your eye health.

For this reason, all contact lenses have time restraints as to how long you can use them. Once you have reached the limit, then you must dispose of them. Talking about the time limit, there are other different types besides the daily disposable contact lenses like the weekly disposable and extended contact lenses. 

Daily  Disposable Contact Lenses

Unlike daily disposable contact lenses where you can only use them for one time, the weekly disposable contacts and extended lenses can be worn for more than one day. The weekly contacts can be worn for a week or two weeks as mentioned on the packaging and the extended lenses can be worn more than a month continuously. The only thing about these lenses that would make you avoid them is that they need to be cleaned after every use. This is why, and other reasons as well, that people usually prefer to wear daily disposable coloured lenses.

Pros of Daily Disposable Coloured Contacts

Below mentioned are some of the great benefits of daily disposable coloured contact lenses:


Daily disposable coloured contact lenses are more comfortable to wear compared to other types of contact lenses. Because they are only to be used once a day, they are made with a much softer material that has more water content. Due to that fact, daily disposable contact lenses are very comfortable. The weekly contact lenses and extended lenses are usually made of hard material to provide more durability as they are going to be used for longer periods. That makes them a little uncomfortable compared to daily disposable.

No cleaning or maintenance required

One of the biggest advantages of having daily disposable coloured lenses is that you wouldn’t need to clean them every now and then. They don’t need any sort of cleaning or maintenance at all. That is because you are going to wear a new fresh pair in the morning and after use, you would throw them away. The next day will start with a new pair. So no cleaning or maintenance.

More healthy

Maybe the biggest benefit of daily disposable contact lenses is that they are more healthy compared to other types of coloured contact lenses. The reason is the same as every day you are going to wear a fresh new pair that has not been exposed to your tears. So obviously a fresh new pair every day will be healthier for the eyes.

Should I be aware of with regards to daily disposable contact lenses?

More expensive in the longer run

Well, daily disposable contact lenses are cheaper to buy compared to other contact lenses and if you are going to use them just once, then these lenses are the best. But if you are going to buy them everyday and purchase a new pair for everyday use then, in the long run, it will be very expensive compared to other contact lenses. The frequency of payments will increase significantly, making them very expensive. In that case, you would be better off with weekly disposable lenses

Fewer Choices compared to Monthly Contacts

Compared to weekly disposable contact lenses the daily disposable contact lenses do not have much variety in terms of colours and designs. They may be convenient to use but you would be limited when it comes to variety.

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