Why salwar kameez can’t be replaced by any other outfit in India

Why salwar kameez can’t be replaced by any other outfit in India

In India, wherever you go, you will find plenty of young girls dressing in salwar kameez. From Metro city to Village, this dress has been ruling from ages and has become prime wear for every single female.  Honestly, the jeans and tops or Gown or one piece, any outfit fails to damage the popularity of salwar suit.Today we discuss why it is the must-have outfit for every Indian lady in this post.

The trademark dress

Even if any foreigner sees a girl wearing salwar kameez in countries like USA, UK or Canada, the first obvious reaction is that the dress is the main outfit of Indian girls. This is the kind of impression, It has on people‘s Mind, therefore, one can say that the vogue has become the trademark women’s wear.

This tradition starts from very early age

From an early age, the baby girls are trained to wear salwar kameez, In fact, Indian parents love to see the baby girls in salwar suits. Therefore the tradition of wearing salwar kameez starts from a very early age and later on it becomes the habit for all Indian Girls. Even the dress material suppliers in India produce different designs time to time so tailor can craft salwar suits suitable for particular age.

Salwar kameez is a compulsory uniform in schools 

As a boy, one can wear a shirt and pant in school but for every girl, It is compulsory to be dressed in a salwar suit in Most of the school.  In a few English medium schools, you can see Girls wearing skirts and frocks. But in most of the school, the management not allows to wear western dresses; as a result, the Indian girls know how to style up in salwar kameez from teenage

Indian Fashion shows always promote salwar suits

Time to time, all Indian designers introduce a new style of salwar kameez on ramp shows and Indian models promote fashionable salwar kameez’ patterns during ramp walk.  This is one of the main reason, salwar-kameez trend has become irreplaceable fashion.

Most preferred outfit during festival season 

It doesn’t matter Indian Girls wear sarees, Lehenga choli or any other traditional outfit in functions but they can’t imagine celebrating any festival without new salwar kameez, even you see many girls would prefer to attend a wedding reception only in fashionable salwar suits.

The Readymade salwar kameez is perfect for all body type

The majority of the readymade salwar kameez fits perfectly on any type of body and also looks superb whereas for a western dress like jeans and gown, the lady has to be in perfect body shape otherwise the western outfit can’t suit well. This thing makes the salwar kameez an all-time winner against any western dress.

These are the main reasons why any other traditional outfit can’t replace salwar kameez. Moreover our cotton dress material supplier In India produces outstanding design at manufacturing  hence  Indian girls have got more variety compared to any other traditional wear.

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