You have a compelling product. What next?

You have a compelling product. What next? Shopping bags might be an option

Zedpack offers a wide variety of shopping bags, helping brands level-up their market pitch and be efficient at packaging!!

As a retailer working with hundreds of customers in a very dynamic market, your last worry should be the packaging of your product in a competitive industry. However, as far as the current industry traction goes, the packaging of a product often takes precedence for both customers and sellers in the market.

Why the customers? Well, because they are apparently the ones carrying your products to their houses. You wouldn’t prefer selling food, shoes or even consumables in the classic bags, would you? Thus, the prerequisite – a better packaging solution that offers the style, the utility and durability that lets you reflect your brand identity while being of use to the customer.

But, why the sellers? Sellers often are presented with a massive bottleneck where packaging and display bring the second-highest operational costs to sellers. In addition to the necessary costs, shopping bags often form a basic marketing opportunity to brands and sellers.

Wherein, we posit the question – You do have a compelling product. But what next?

As a brand, using the correct packaging for your product is quite an effective and important thing to consider – especially if you want your bags to serve the functional as well as market use. By selecting the right bag for your business, you can easily market your product and brand to onlookers, create important marketing hooks, the display offers, or otherwise create a different subjective for your brand. Thus making it an important branding idea and a one that would need careful thought and experiment.

As a shopping bag manufacturer, Zedpack offers a wide range of options – customisable and generic, for different sorts of the brand to use. In addition to that, Zedpack also offers better use than plastic, since our non-woven bags are more eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, and paper, since our bags, are more durable and easily re-usable.

Even though a shopping bag might seem to be an innocuous decision, the appropriate bag for a brand, might either make or break a brand’s identity and sales.

At Zedpack, we make sure that your product gets the best packaging, with feasible yet customisable bags for you to reflect your brand identity with. Moreover, our wide range of options of reusable non woven bags also give an added environmental incentive for your brand and gives a nascent eco-friendly pitch to your customers as well.

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